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With Barry - Fitness Business Catalyst & Dream Client Whisperer

Barry brands (or rebrands) your messaging and copy so you feel confident in how you position your value to your dream clients. As a result, you'll attract more people because they understand the unique value your business brings to their life.

Shay and Barry, owners of Fitness Career Mastery, during an Instructor Development course

Book a call if you...

Struggle with getting new clients

 Have a website that isn't converting

Don't know what to post about

Puzzle over why social engagement is low

Barry Kostabi of Fitness Career Mastery Branding Photo of Him with Arms Crossed

Feel you have too much competition

Have a team that doesn't know how to talk about your brand

Exercise classes jumping in the air

You'll be able to...

Attract new clients like a super magnet

 Decommoditize your business

Feel confident in how you communicate your value and market yourself

Have a deeper impact on your clients' lives

Know you have a reliable and effective value proposition beyond the offer of a workout

spin class room with a neon light show recently redeveloped by shay of fitness career mastery

How We Do It

The One Brand Catalyst Program

You want more consistent clients and opportunities. THE ONE shows you how to best position your value to the people you’re meant to serve... and trigger an avalanche of new ones like clockwork.

▷ Gain clarity on what your brand is all about- the problem you solve and the unique way that you do it.

▷ Structure to your product for impact - so that it delivers on the value to promise.

▷ Develop messaging that drives people to sign up for your services because they perceive the massive value you bring to their everyday life - manifesting in website copy and marketing messaging.


With Shay - Group Fitness X-Perience Designer & Coach

Shay teaches you how to teach sold-out, waitlisted classes that your clients consistently carve out time for. Learn the art and science that certifications don't teach behind how to create class experiences that people crave.

Fitness instructor and class

Book a call if you...

Are a studio owner looking to create a cohesive client experience

 Need help with program design and instructor training

Struggle with low or inconsistent class numbers

Want to learn how to create epic, immersive, and addicting client experiences

Shay Kostabi of Fitness Career Mastery Branding Photo
Busy Fitness Class with an instructor who is a client of Shays

You'll be able to...

Learn what it takes to sell out classes

Create addicting class experiences

Have a deeper impact on your clients' lives

Avoid burnout, and build a lasting career

Learn research-backed secrets to create unforgettable experiences


Feel confident in your skills

Competely booked out spin class of a Fitness Career Mastery Client

How We Do It

The Group X Instructor Conservatory

Introducing the first-of-its-kind membership for instructors and teams designed to teach group fitness instructors how to teach unforgettable, sold-out, waitlisted classes. Learn the little-known secrets your certification never taught you on how to confidently teach classes your clients consistently carve out time for.

▷ You'll learn the art and science behind classes your clients crave


▷ How to hack your clients' brains to create an ultimate experience


▷ What it takes to sell out your classes and create a die-hard fanbase and community



You didn't sign up to be a fitness instructor educator. Chances are, you believed that when you started your business, you could simply hire a team of talented instructors, and they would take care of delivering amazing workouts for your clients. That's what their certifications are for, right? WRONG!


Instead of investing 6+ weeks per instructor, work with world class master instructors so you can save energy, time,  and focus on running your business.


One of the biggest obstacles to achieving sold-out classes across your schedule is when you allow each instructor to teach their own class format. Clients crave a consistent experience they can count on, and the answer lies in a branded class format that every instructor follows, and infuses with their own persona, playlist, and flair.

We help with program design and instructor manual development, so you can ensure every class delivers the same branded experience.


As a studio owner, you're wearing 100 different hats, and the last thing you need to spend your time and energy on is training new instructors, performing instructor reviews, and overall maintaining the quality of your classes. That's what a Master Instructor is for.

We help train one of your current instructors to take on this role and even provide continuing education materials and workshops for them to use with your team.


"It's hard to read the label from inside the bottle" is something we like to say. When you're working so hard in your business, you can't view it objectively, and see what sticking points  and pitfalls you're struggling with and the impact they're  having on you. We're here to help you understand the problems  you're struggling with and give you an action plan to grow to your next level.

"I love these two humans SO much. They have helped me level up my business in so many ways and given me the clarity and tools that are helping me confidently navigate the growth of my new studio."

Jenn Syracuse

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