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JOIN THE 'Get Your Clients To Fall In Love With Fitness' MASTERCLASS!

Die-Hard Following.
Sold Out Classes.
Like Clockwork.

We teach you what it takes to easily attract your dream clients and make them want to stay forever.


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Thriving in the fitness industry doesn't have to be a struggle.

Does this feel like you?

• It's frustrating when all your hard work doesn't result in more new members.

• You don't know why you can't keep people coming back.


• It shouldn't be so difficult and frustrating to get people to realize how much they need your classes.


• How to create class experiences people crave shouldn't be such a mystery. 

• The disenchantment you feel can make wonder if it's worth it to keep trying.

Now is the time to gain confidence in your ability to attract a ton of new clients, make them loyal fans, AND have a transformative impact on their lives.

Don’t let yourself burn out before you figure it out.

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of small boutique fitness studios fail within the first year of being in business.

It’s not magic. But it feels that way.

We help you create unforgettable group fitness experiences that attract your people and keep them coming back for more.

Fitness Career Mastery Ultimate Class Experience student feeling confident and empowered while teaching a class as a fitness instructor.

Consistently attract your dream clients.

It shouldn’t be so hard to get people to see the value of what you offer, but the truth is that most fitness businesses go about marketing themselves the wrong way.


We'll teach you how to avoid common problems that cause fitness professionals to struggle, stress, and burnout.


We'll show you how to reveal your unique value and position yourself as the ideal solution for your dream clients that get them excited to sign up and that you feel excited to talk about.

Confidently sell out your classes.

Teaching a group fitness class is an art and a science. It's about creating an unforgettable experience for the participants. To do this effortlessly, you need to go beyond just teaching a great workout with a high-energy playlist. The equipment or the studio's appearance doesn't matter.


We'll teach you what your certification doesn't cover... HOW to create experiences that people prioritize above everything else that competes for their time and attention.

Barry and Shay Kostabi, founders of Fitness Career Mastery who teach you how to create a brand for your fitness business that is a reflection of your core values and beliefs, and epic class and workout experiences that deliver on your brand promise.

Make fitness your full-time career and change people's lives.

When you master the art of consistently attracting new clients and filling up your classes... can finally feel confident that you are successful in doing what brings you joy and improves the lives of others.

Instructors at a cycling studio in Los Angeles going through Ultimate Class Experience training with Shay Kostabi and learning about how to harnass the power of flow states to create unforgettable class experiences for their clients.

To make your classes unforgettable, you must offer more than a tough and energetic class for "everyone." We teach you how.

Shay and Barry of Fitness Career Mastery sitting in an art gallery hallway

Your passion for fitness only takes you so far.


You're here because you've realized that being passionate about fitness is different from consistently selling out your classes.


Unpredictable class numbers, unreliable income, and not knowing what to do can make you feel disillusioned about being in the industry.


We know how it feels when you know there must be a missing piece that will unlock the secret to being sought after and making a change.

We found out what it is. There is an art and science to attracting your dream clients and creating immersive experiences that they make time for. Our decades of experience coaching and consulting for fitness studios worldwide have shown us one thing- it works. And now we want to teach it to you.

Spoiler alert: a good workout and a good playlist is not enough...


We will show you how to position yourself as the perfect solution for your dream clients so they feel excited to sign up for your classes.


We'll also teach you the art and science behind creating fun, immersive, and addictive class experiences that keep them coming back.

You CAN sell-out classes and know that people value what you bring to their lives.


Your journey to Fitness Career Mastery begins here.


Your business’s success demands you nail the two elements of an unforgettable experience:

1/ Attract YOUR people.

2/ Take their breath away.

First, attract YOUR people.

Attracting the right people comes down to ensuring you are properly positioning your value to your dream clients. If you're struggling to get new clients, this is most likely the reason why.


Doing this well goes beyond informing them of what kind of workout you offer and your schedule. Why should your dream client come to YOUR studio? How is coming to your classes going to improve how they experience their life?

Marketing WHAT you do does nothing to answer these questions and distinguish you from everyone else that does what you do.


You have a unique perspective. An outlook on life that is yours alone because it has been shaped by your experiences and taste, and is reflected in the experience you provide.

Our job is to draw it out of you and use it as the bedrock to communicate the mountain of value that you provide- so you begin to attract more clients in.

We help you authentically express your unique value to your dream clients so you can attract the people you're meant to serve and stand out from the competition.

Barry Kostabi, co-founder of Fitness Career Mastery, teaching a yoga class in Shanghai, China and implementing Fitness Career Mastery's teaching techniques to create immersive workout experiences that get clients into a state of flow by perfecting coaching and cueing, his use of music, his instructor persona, and knowledge of flow state neuroscience.
Shay Kostabi, co-founder of Fitness Career Mastery, teaching a fitness class in Los Angeles, California to a group of students completely immersed in the workout because she has created an effective instructor persona, has mastered her use of music, the art of coaching and cueing, and the science of flow states.

Second, Take Their Breath Away.

The keys to packed classes, member retention, outstanding client referrals, and five-star reviews can be found in the quality of the experience you provide for your clients. 


Over decades of training more than 1000 instructors in over 13 countries in multiple languages, we’ve discovered what it is that the most influential instructors in the world do, and have distilled this down into a science-backed formula that YOU can use to create unforgettable, immersive, and addicting workout experiences for your clients - no matter where or what you teach.

We teach you the skills you need to know in order to transform your workouts into meaningful experiences your clients can't live without.


Case Study: 15 West Fitness

Raised Prices 40%

50% More Revenue

on average each month after just 4 months

Man on top of a mountain meditating

Shaun knew he was getting amazing results for his clients. They would come in crippled and hurt and walk out with a strong, functional body. The problem was he didn’t know how to express or communicate the value he provided to these people’s lives and therefore had a hard time justifying higher prices. After working with FCM he finally gained the confidence to raise his prices and is now at capacity. Learning how to differentiate his training method and put concrete messaging around the value his clients received made all the difference in the success and growth of his business.

Fully Booked Fitness Class with Elastic Bands for a Fitness Career Mastery Client in New York City



New York

"I just taught the most incredible class. You could feel it. I know that without all your knowledge and training it wouldn't have happened."


New York

"I can finally just completely focus on what it is I'm doing, and who it is I'm truly serving. It's a clear path for me."



"Before working with FCM I had always struggled with imposter syndrome. After just a few sessions I started feeling clear and confident."

Nothing feels better than consistently sold out classes.

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