Career Education for Fitness Professionals & Business Owners

We’re here to elevate the fitness industry by developing rockstar trainers and businesses that deliver unforgettable and unmissable workout experiences so you can stand out from the crowd.

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ARE YOU lost in a market that is already saturated?
The fitness industry is growing quickly, with new players entering every day. How do you cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd? The secret sauce is to resist the urge to compete and realize that your success lies in what makes you unique. We show you how to unleash it.

There’s no reason to go it alone.

Whether it’s becoming the rockstar trainer that makes each and every class worth the sweat or running a studio everyone wants to work out at, we know what it takes to get you there. 

It doesn’t have to take 10 years to figure it out.

We’ve put in our 10+ years mastering the art of delivering a high quality workout experience, and building successful businesses from scratch. It takes doing it all to show you how to get it done. 

It’s easy to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

But not everyone knows the secret of how to do it. We’ll provide you with a step by step roadmap so you too can learn how to change not just people’s bodies, but also contribute to their mental health, personal empowerment, daily habits, and lifestyle choices. You'll become a brand they can count on and trust.


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Instructor Development

We've taken over 10 years of global experience to empower fit pros with the tools and knowledge of industry veterans, so you don’t have to spend years figuring out how to create unforgettable class experiences on your own, and can get on the fast track to a successful career.

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From a podcast with hundreds of thousands of downloads around the world featuring top experts in the industry, to free webinars, live-streamed content, downloadable worksheets, and access to other experts, we provide you with everything you need to get started building the career you desire- for free!

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We help studio owners with our business consulting, instructor training, and continuing education courses to fine-tune the experience that your clients have, so that you feel confident you are providing unforgettable classes with rockstar trainers… and ultimately become a destination in your community.

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The best information and actionable tips from the internet gathered in one place for you to learn how to reach your goals in the industry.


“I just listened to Episode 113. *MIND BLOWN*. Literally everything you shared was exactly what I was trying to convey as my “why” for starting this brand and program. The clarity you all verbalized gave words to the emotion I feel in my soul is what I’m attempting to build. Thank you! You continue to make a positive impact on me and my journey!”
“When I’m not teaching, I’m listening to the Fitness Career Mastery Podcast to learn how to be a more engaging, supportive, inspiring instructor, as well as to learn how to continue to build a community. Thank you Shay and Barry! You’ve created something special!”
“Barry and Shay are more valuable than your average consultants. They have their fingers on the pulse of the fitness industry, and are always talking to business owners!”
“Fitness Career Mastery is always giving me fresh ideas because of the amazing experience in group fitness that they have. I’ve been so inspired to get creative with my business in the fitness industry. Being part of the FCM community has made me so proud and grateful to be here!”
“FCM has had such an incredible impact on my life. As a new indoor cycling instructor, I’m hungry for information that will help me learn from the expertise of others. It has opened my eyes to new peerspectives, different ways to grow, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found it”
“Fitness Career Mastery has served as an inspiration and a guide through my journey as a new yoga teacher. The podcasts have a great balance of humor and honest informative conversation and I always feel challenged and empowered after listening to pursue what makes me feel most alive as an instructor. My coaching call with FCM drastically impacted the way I see myself as a yoga teacher and has helped me maintain perspective while trusting in the journey.”