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Level up your class experiences with the Musicology or Power of Persona MasterClass!

Die-Hard Following.
Sold Out Classes.
Like Clockwork.

It’s hard to thrive in the fitness industry. We teach you what it takes to easily attract your dream clients and make them want to stay forever.

Making a good living in the fitness industry shouldn’t be so hard.

• It shouldn't be so difficult and frustrating to get the right people to realize the greatness of what you offer, inspire them to come to your classes, and keep them coming back for more. 

• It's exhausting when none of your marketing efforts lead to the number of new clients you were hoping for, and you have no idea why your retention keeps tanking. 

• It can cause you to wonder if it's worth it to keep trying.

Don’t let yourself burn out before you figure it out. It’s time to leave these stressful feelings behind.

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of consumers say mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness is more important than ever.

Fitness Career Mastery Ultimate Class Experience student feeling confident and empowered while teaching a class as a fitness instructor.

Consistently attract your dream clients.

It shouldn’t be so hard to get people to see the value of what you offer, but the truth is that most fitness businesses go about marketing themselves the wrong way.


We teach you how to position yourself as the perfect solution they’ve been looking for so you can start focusing on the sweat-related things you LOVE to do.

Sell out your classes.

There’s an art to teaching a group fitness class, and it's exponentially more than throwing on some beats that slap with some exercises in a super sleek space.


We teach the secrets that you’ll never learn from a certification about what it takes to create unforgettable, immersive experiences that make people STILL sign up for class despite the long waitlist, & ditch their obligations so they can come to class.

Instructors at a cycling studio in Los Angeles going through Ultimate Class Experience training with Shay Kostabi and learning about how to harnass the power of flow states to create unforgettable class experiences for their clients.

Fitness CAN and SHOULD be exponentially more than throwing on some music and putting some exercises together in a super sleek space.

Barry and Shay Kostabi, founders of Fitness Career Mastery who teach you how to create a brand for your fitness business that is a reflection of your core values and beliefs, and epic class and workout experiences that deliver on your brand promise.

Make fitness your full-time career & change lives.

Once you trigger a new client avalanche and turn them into obsessed groupies, you can finally peace out from your 9-5, and live happily doing the thing that brings you and others joy.


Your business’s success demands you nail the two elements of an unforgettable experience:

1/ Attract YOUR people.

2/ Take their breath away.

First, Attract YOUR People.

Attracting the right people comes down to the story your brand is telling. No, your brand is not your logo, website design, or color palette. Your brand what you believe at your core, your purpose, and your story. (You have so much more to offer than "helping people get in the best shape of their lives.")


You have a unique perspective. An outlook on life that is yours alone because it has been shaped by your experiences and taste.

Marketing WHAT you do does nothing to distinguish you from everyone else that does what you do.

We help you authentically express who you are and what you believe so that you can attract the people you're meant to serve, and stand out from competition.

Barry Kostabi, co-founder of Fitness Career Mastery, teaching a yoga class in Shanghai, China and implementing Fitness Career Mastery's teaching techniques to create immersive workout experiences that get clients into a state of flow by perfecting coaching and cueing, his use of music, his instructor persona, and knowledge of flow state neuroscience.
Shay Kostabi, co-founder of Fitness Career Mastery, teaching a fitness class in Los Angeles, California to a group of students completely immersed in the workout because she has created an effective instructor persona, has mastered her use of music, the art of coaching and cueing, and the science of flow states.

Second, Take Their Breath Away.

The keys to packed classes, member retention outstanding client referrals, and five-star reviews can be found in the quality of the experience you provide for your clients. 


Over decades of training more than 1000 instructors in over 13 countries in multiple languages, we’ve discovered what it is that the most influential instructors in the world do, and have distilled this down into a science-backed formula that YOU can use to create unforgettable, immersive, and addicting workout experiences for your clients - no matter where or what you teach.

We teach you the skills you need to know in order to transform your workouts into meaningful experiences your clients can't live without.

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