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Die-Hard Following.
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Like Clockwork.

The place for fitness business owners to gain the tools needed to effortlessly attract more clients and keep them coming back for good.


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You are the best at what you do
in a way only you can do it.

More people need to know.

You're here because...


You're passionate about group fitness and know you offer something special, but you need to know how to easily attract more clients

You need better systems to recruit and train amazing instructors who can deliver addicting classes for your clients.

 "And if you're thinking, "Oh, sh*t! I think I need both."

That's why we created 'The Masterplan.'

Thriving in the fitness industry should feel empowering and ... FUN.

Does this feel like you?

• You came to play BIG and change people's lives, but...  it's frustrating when filling your classes feels like herding cats.

• You have no idea how to attract more clients and keep them coming back for more in what feels like a saturated market. 


• You crave a system for recruiting, training, and developing instructor talent who can consistently offer exceptional workout experiences for your clients.

The world needs your magic. Don’t let yourself burn out before you figure it out.

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It’s not magic. But it feels that way.

We help you build the right brand strategy AND give you the playbook to creating unforgettable group fitness experiences that attract your dream clients and keep them coming back for more.


Attract More Clients.

It doesn't have to be so hard to get people to see the value of your classes, but the truth is that most fitness businesses market themselves in a way that makes it hard for everyday people to see the value in taking them.


We'll teach you how to avoid common problems that cause fitness businesses to struggle, stress, and burnout before they've had a chance to leave their mark.


We'll help you showcase your unique value to attract your dream clients. You'll feel confident and proud to share your business, and they'll get excited about signing up for class!

Rock the Room.

Teaching a group fitness class is both an art and a science. There are proven systems for creating an unforgettable experience that people can't wait to experience again.


We'll give you The Playbook. It lets you easily build systems that ensure a strong team of instructors who deliver exceptional and addicting classes that people make time for—no matter the time slot.

That's what we mean when we say sold-out classes like clockwork.

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Your path to Fitness Career Mastery begins right here, right now.


Case Study: 15 West Fitness

Raised Prices 40%

50% More Revenue

on average each month after just 4 months

Man on top of a mountain meditating

Shaun knew he was getting amazing results for his clients. They would come in crippled and hurt and walk out with a strong, functional body. The problem was he didn’t know how to express or communicate the value he provided to these people’s lives and therefore had a hard time justifying higher prices. After working with FCM he finally gained the confidence to raise his prices and is now at capacity. Learning how to differentiate his training method and put concrete messaging around the value his clients received made all the difference in the success and growth of his business.

Fully Booked Fitness Class with Elastic Bands for a Fitness Career Mastery Client in New York City



New York

"I just taught the most incredible class. You could feel it. I know that without all your knowledge and training it wouldn't have happened."


New York

"I can finally just completely focus on what it is I'm doing, and who it is I'm truly serving. It's a clear path for me."



"Before working with FCM I had always struggled with imposter syndrome. After just a few sessions I started feeling clear and confident."

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Nothing feels better than knowing how to attract more clients and changing their lives through addicting classes.

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