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We draw out your unique story, perspective, and beliefs so that you can show more empathy to what your ideal client needs help overcoming, and showcase yourself as a guide and expert they need. Get ready to become known as an expert, attract more of the right clients, and build a meaningful culture, & loyal community.

You know you're in the right place if:

You're frustrated and burnt out because your marketing efforts not resulting in gaining more clients.

 You've tried hiring social media and marketing coaches in the past, and none of them have worked.

You've invested in tech solutions that also haven't brought your results.

You secretly feel like giving up (even though you never will, because this is your passion)

You just wish it was easier to do something good and change lives!

Barry Kostabi of Fitness Career Mastery showing you that you're in the right place if you struggle with marketing your fitness business to get new clients.
Group fitness class sold out from the studio's strong value proposition due to being solid on their branding strategy and story.

Here's the Hard Truth...

The fitness industry has changed. It isn't enough to open a business, put out your sandwich board, post about your classes on social media, and expect people to just show up.

As a result, you find yourself looking at what other businesses are doing, and taking cues from what you perceive is making them successful.

To make things worse, fitness is more available than ever before. The pandemic made sure of that! Anyone can get yoga, barre, cycling, dance, pilates... you name it... from YouTube, apps, social media influencers (with a much larger following than you), and of course, the big players like Peloton, Apple Fitness, or The Mirror.

Your attempts to get new people in feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Nothing's sticking, but you know there's got to be a better way. 

The solution is very counterintuitive.
You ready? It means:

Not worrying about what everyone else is doing, or how they do it, because that's none of your business.

 Not marketing your workouts anymore (because there are 1000 other people that offer your workout).

And INSTEAD, recognize that you have a superpower no one else has. No one else on the planet has had your experiences and has your unique perspective toward movement.

There's a reason you opened your business based on what you believe about how the type of class you offer can change someone's life. All you have to do is communicate to your ideal client how it is the perfect solution that they've been looking for. It's not easy to do alone, which is why we show you how to do that.

A team of group fitness instructors at a studio after studying branding strategy and class experience design with Fitness Career Mastery

We will help you:

Design a branding strategy that showcases you as the guide and expert your ideal client has been looking for, and drives them to take action.

Create a culture based on your values.

Provide an experience that is the perfect solution to the people you're meant to serve.

We Understand The Fitness Industry.

There are plenty of branding and marketing experts, but they don't have our years of experience and knowledge of the fitness industry.

That's why we're best equipped to help you leverage your unique values, beliefs, and culture, so you can form an emotional connection with your clients through your messaging that inspires them to take action.

Book your Breakthrough Session with Barry today.

Barry & Shay, founders of Fitness Career Mastery and hosts of the Fitness Career Mastery Podcast, excited to work with a new client to help them attract their ideal clients through their branding, and keep them there with an exceptional group fitness class experience that isn't taught in a teacher training or certification
A Fitness Career Mastery instructor training on the Ultimate Group Fitness Experience, which includes mastering your instructor persona, the magic of musicology, the art of coaching and cueing, and the research backed science of flow states.



New York

"I’ve done marketing courses and branding work, but none of them had the same impact as working with Barry because he’s in the fitness industry."


New York

"I can finally just completely focus on what it is I'm doing, and who it is I'm truly serving. It's a clear path for me."



"Before working with FCM I had always struggled with imposter syndrome. After just a few sessions I started feeling clear and confident."

The real reason fitness businesses struggle is not because there is a lack of demand for their services but because they don't know how to speak to their ideal clients in a way that showcases them as the perfect solution their clients are looking for.

If you're like most fit biz owners, here's why you might be stuck:


Running a fitness business looked so easy!

Maybe you're an instructor who went on to start your own business. Or maybe you're a fitness enthusiast who was originally working in another industry, and your life was changed by fitness to the point where you wanted to open a business. You opened your doors thinking that a beautiful space and a great workout would be enough... and you're now finding that it in fact you clearly missed some steps, and you're not sure now what they are.


You're marketing what you do, not how you do it.

Most fitness creators and entrepreneurs believe they’re selling fitness classes, when in fact, they’re selling the specific transformational identity that their ideal clients want, and how that transformation makes them feel in contrast to what they feel now. It turns out that people will subscribe to whatever you decide is the best way to get them there, as long as they feel seen and understood.


You're trying to be everything to everyone.

It's so paradoxical, but the more people you try to help, the fewer people you reach. it's simply because you have to water down or even compromise on your beliefs and values to appeal to more people. This causes confusion in your messaging and is preventing you from clearly distinguishing yourself from your competitors. You're left with a race to the bottom where the cheapest solution wins.

If this sounds like you, we've got you!

Shay Kostabi of Fitness Career Mastery teaching a group fitness class with resistance bands to participants completely immersed in the moment.

Our Bullseye Branding technique gives you the knowledge and confidence to make the informed decisions that directly relate to your business's success.

Barry Kostabi of Fitness Career Mastery Branding Photo of Him Pointing at the Camera, excited to work with fitness business entrepreneurs.png

When your marketing isn't working, it's likely because it isn't informed by the story your brand is telling, which is an expression of who you are, what you believe, what you value, and how that connects with the struggle your ideal client is facing.

The Bullseye Branding technique helps you uncover the missing pieces that turn your marketing strategy into a powerful message that your ideal client has been looking for.

A dart in the bullseye of a target, which represents Fitness Career Mastery's Bullseye Branding Framework, which teaches you how to consistently attract your ideal client through powerful messaging that resonantes with their needs and emotions.

Here's how it works:

Fitness Career Mastery Gold Icon representing your individual superpowers, which give your brand a personality..png


The one thing that can't be copied is YOU. There's no one else on the planet with your unique skills, your experiences, expertise, and is in a position to help the people you're meant to serve in the way that only YOU can.

Fitness Career Mastery Gold book icon which represents your origin story and your "why", which are the foundation of your brand identity.


Most fitpreneurs make the mistake of hiding behind their brand, thinking "why would anyone care about me or my story?" The truth is, we are story-driven creatures, and stories help us make sense out of our own struggles and desires. Learn how tapping into your story can be the foundation of a successful, heart-led, mission-driven business, culture, and community.

Fitness Career Mastery Gold Icon of clasped hands representing your niche and your ideal client, since as a fitness business you cannot serve everyone, but there is someone that you are uniquely equipped to serve


Trying to appeal to as many people as possible, or, going "an inch deep and a mile wide" will put your business on shaky ground. But if you go "an inch wide and a mile deep", you'll establish yourself as an expert, and grow deep roots that will skyrocket your business to success.

Fitness Career Mastery Gold paper airplane icon which represents your brand messaging and marketing, or how you tell the story of how your brand is the perfect solution to the problem your ideal client faces.


With all of this information, you'll be ready to craft powerful, heartfelt brand messaging and a marketing strategy that shows your ideal client how you fit into their life story as the guide they've been looking for that will help them no longer experience what they're struggling with.

Fitness Career Mastery Gold gears which represent your ability to confidently attract and retain new clients through a strong brand identity.


This is the framework we've used to help over 100 fitness business owners finally feel confident and competent in their approach to growing and scaling - while having the depth of impact they desire on the people they're meant to serve.

Step One: Book a Free Call

Book a Breakthrough Session! You can expect this free call to last an hour. You'll be asked to answer a quick series of questions before going to the booking page.

Barry and Shay of Fitness Career Mastery pointing at a cell phone, encouraging you to book a breakthrough session to get insight into what you're struggling with in your fitness business.
Barry of Fitness Career Mastery standing in front of a green painting smiling after helping an online fitness coach build their brand identity.

Step Two: During Your Call

On your call, Barry will ask you a series of questions to help you uncover the core of your beliefs, and develop a revised branding strategy. He'll also answer any and all of your questions! If you both feel like receiving coaching is a good fit, you can discuss that at the end of the call!

Step Three: When We Wrap

Regardless of whether we invite you to work with us, you'll walk away feeling confident, and empowered with an action plan that will help you take purposeful action to grow your business, and have a deeper impact on the people you're meant to serve. We'll hook you up with resources that will help you on your way.

Barry and Shay of Fitness Career Mastery smiling at the camera in front of a white background after helping train an international client's instructor team on how to create immersive fitness class experiences.
A group fitness instructor in New York teaching a group fitness class after learning from Fitness Career Mastery how to confidently teach a class that gets clients into a flow state.

Once you get clear on your brand messaging, you'll begin to:

Know exactly what messaging must be in your marketing so you can attract more clients.

Make informed and empowered decisions about how to grow your community, your team, and your business!

Begin to level up your product and turn it into the perfect solution your ideal clients are looking for.

And less likely to:

Suffer from burnout due to trying to figure everything out on your own.

Waste valuable time. 

Pay thousands to other experts that don't address the root of your problem, or don't understand the fitness industry.


Download "5 Brand Messaging Secrets That Attract More Clients"

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