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Barry Kostabi and Shay Kostabi fitness instructors

We believe fitness has the power to change the world.

Human beings are moving their bodies at a lower rate than at any time in recorded history. And with a population that moves exponentially less than we ever have as a species, we've become apathetic and distant.


We're collectively growing more unhappy, unhealthy, and uninspired. We're not exposed to the neuro-chemicals of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin that are released into our bloodstream when we move our bodies nearly as often. These are the chemicals that cause us to feel joy, connection, and belonging. They are the building blocks of an ultimate experience.


What if more people were inspired to move their bodies more often? What if they developed a stronger sense of self-confidence, inner strength, and a feeling of connectivity with other humans around them? What if they felt more empathetic?

Who cares what the shape of their bodies looks like? What matters is the type of people that they are. People who are inspired to become better versions of themselves. People who believe in not just the possibility, but the likelihood of brighter days ahead? What kind of decisions would those people make? What would they be inspired to do with their time on this planet?

It all starts with being yourself- a human being. And you know what a human being does? It MOVES.

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We strive to help you create memorable impactful experiences that change lives.

Two decades of fitness experience.

We are a husband and wife consulting team with over two decades of experience in the industry. We believe that fitness is about the gradual realization of your inner strength, confidence, fortitude, and respect toward yourself. This can be accomplished by doing any kind of fitness, which is why it’s not the exercise but the way the experience is created and presented that matters most.


We believe that more people in the world deserve to experience the best version of themselves and have their lives be changed by falling in love with moving their body and making it strong and mobile. We believe fitness shouldn’t be about body transformation, but that the body you end up building should be an incredible side effect of realizing your best self.

Fitness Career Mastery became the consulting and educational platform that it is with our superpowers combined and we joined forces to elevate the fitness industry for the good of humankind.

The combination of Barry’s podcast (featuring tons of free resources and tips from experts around the world) and Shay’s consulting services (specializing in program development, teacher training, one on one coaching, mentorship, and live workshops) have created a one-of-a-kind strategic solution for fitness creators and entrepreneurs looking to build something meaningful for the people they are meant to serve.

We are passionate about helping studios and trainers tap into their own superpowers, find their purpose, and create unforgettable, immersive workout experiences for their clients that stand the test of time.

Barry Kostabi and Shay Kostabi fitness instructors
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Core Values

These are the guiding principles behind Fitness Career Mastery and the values we strive to instill in those we work with.


We believe that everything is “figure-outable” and use our inherent gifts, acquired knowledge, and experiences to find solutions in even the most unlikely places. We help our clients do the same.


We don’t have to change who we are. We need to BE who we are. We allow, encourage, and support our community to BE  who they are and create environments and experiences to support their becoming. 


We have a sense of understanding and empathy toward others, often because we can relate to the same challenges. This leads to a desire to help others and decreases our sense of separateness and competition. 


We recognize the gaps between our current knowledge and something that interests us. We're open to new ideas and higher learning. 


We value and contribute to the energy that exists between people that provides non-judgmental sustenance and strength from the relationship.


We're here to get it right, not to prove that we are right. We aren't WHAT we do, but HOW we do it. There is no one-size-fits-all magic pill. Every action that we take whether failure or success teaches us something that brings us closer to fulfilling our purpose and achieving our greatest success.

We believe in a diverse, inclusive, and equitable space.

At Fitness Career Mastery, we are committed to making our business, community, and the fitness industry at large a diverse, inclusive, and equitable space. We value diversity in its many forms and want to highlight that in our work, the partners that work in our business, our content, and our communities.


We value ongoing anti-racism education for ourselves and our audience, as well as support equity-centered organizations.

We wish to help lead the fight in dismantling diet culture and the body ideal it proliferates. We strive to end the idea of fitness as something that is done to achieve a specific body ideal.


We recognize that thinness has become a beauty standard primarily due to racism, and has been propagated by those industries that realized that there was money to be made from people feeling pressured to be thin.

We value and support women-owned businesses, which make up 44% of small business owners in the US, but only bring in 4% of small business revenue. We strive for equality. Women are powerful and have important things to say. We want to amplify their voices.


When selecting brands, partnerships, and/or software in our business, We're committed to making an ongoing effort to prioritize companies that are Black or minority-owned (like Zoom, and Calendly) and/or are also committed to their own anti-racism work.

Additionally, we offer scholarship programs for underserved and underrepresented populations in the fitness industry. 

We believe that BIPOC Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ rights matter.

We recognize that we live on and run our business on unceded ancestral land of the Yuhaaviatam/Maarenga’yam (Serrano) indigenous people.

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