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Get THE PLAYBOOK With Shay - Group Fitness X-Perience Designer & Coach

Shay helps you refine your class experience and elevate your brand by equipping you with streamlined operations for your team, customized training materials, and class program guidelines. This ensures you have the confidence to grow your brand authentically while your instructors rock the room.

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Book a call if you...

Struggle with inconsistent class quality, class numbers, brand integrity and/or client satisfaction.

 Need help with program design, class formats, and systems for instructor training and development.

Are looking to create more effective instructor onboarding and training procedures.

 Desire more effective protocols for performance reviews and continuing education for your team.

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So that you'll...

Offer a superior and uniform client experience.​​​​​

Free up valuable time to focus on strategic growth and your personal strengths as a business owner.

Make the process of onboarding and training more streamlined and scalable.

Experience the pride of elevated instructor performance, engagement, and development.

Build a thriving community with higher retention rates of both clients and staff.


Build a stronger brand identity and a reputation for quality thanks to efficient operations that support consistent, exceptional experiences provided by a team of unified and expertly trained instructors.

Competely booked out spin class of a Fitness Career Mastery Client

How We Do It

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The keys to packed classes, member retention, outstanding client referrals, and five-star reviews can be found in the quality of the experience you provide for your clients.

That all begins with how you train your team.

 You'll get an audit of your current class experience, program, and training systems.


▷ Insight into what templates and systems you can put in place to ensure your team delivers a consistent, high-quality class experience that sells out.


 Discuss what it will take to onboard or level up your instructor team so that The Playbook meets your business's needs and expectations.

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"I love these two humans SO much. They have helped me level up my business in so many ways and given me the clarity and tools that are helping me confidently navigate the growth of my new studio."

Jenn Syracuse

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