Episode 93: 12 Top Tips from a Professional Class Reviewer for a Five-Star Client Experience with Kaitlin McCabe (Part 2)

Kaitlin McCabe

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Kaitlin McCabe, the “studio whisperer”, has attended classes at over 200 studios and tries a new workout once a week in one of the hottest fitness

Kaitlin McCabe

Fitness Branded Content Writer & Expert Studio Reviewer

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Kaitlin McCabe, the “studio whisperer”, has attended classes at over 200 studios and tries a new workout once a week in one of the hottest fitness markets in the world- New York City. She uses all of this experience in her job as a freelance fitness/wellness branded content writer and expert studio reviewer for Sweat Concierge NYC. In this episode she shares her top twelve tips on what makes a studio and workout experience stand out from a client’s perspective, what entices her want to go back to particular studios time and time again, and what makes her the go-to source for promoting new experiences or providing feedback. If you’ve ever wondered what it is that stands out to clients and members, and what they look for the most in their studio and workout experience, look no further.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

• Client perceptions of your business you may not be aware of
• Easily looked over details that can be alienating your clients
• How to make your studio a destination, and create a cult-like following

Here’s the Complete Episode Summary:

(2:20) #7 If you focus on over modifying for one client, it diminishes the experience for everyone else in the class

Some clients will continue to come when they’re injured, or in need of surgery. Some people love the idea of working out more than what it right for them. If you’re having to modify the workout so much, that you’re spending half of it having to cater to the needs of one individual, it might be time to have an intervention with them. Maybe that workout is not what’s best for them at that particular time. In a group fitness class it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re having to cater to one person so much you’re not able to deliver a proper experience to everyone else.

(6:55) #8 Know how to read the room

Some clients might be coming into class sore, sleep-deprived, or any number of things. Some people may just be struggling that particular day but not incapable. They might not need to modify. You never know where someone is at physically or mentally. Don’t be a trainer that only likes to work with the strongest clients in the class.

All clients should be applauded for their effort. Your jobs to motivate and inspire them at the level they are at that day.

(16:30) #9 Keep your clients guessing

Ensure that your studio programming is not the same every day- so clients don’t get bored, and are excited to visit the studio every time. At the same time, it’s important to know your areas of expertise and limitations.

(21:00) #10 Be honest about your clientele. Know and appreciate the demographic that you have

So many studios like to promote themselves as the place that the athletes go or the models go. It makes it confusing as a client to go in and not see these people that you showcase on your website or social media. Don’t turn a one-time client into a representation of your entire client base. It can ostracize your actual client demographic. It’s amazing to have goals and to have the kind of publicity that goes with having a celebrity in your studio. Be mindful to not shun the loyal everyday people that are coming every day.

(23:30) #11 When demoing exercises, show form, but also explain why you are doing a certain exercise.

“If you don’t feel it here, then let me know, because you’re supposed to feel it here.” Clients may think they’re doing the movement with correct form, but they may not be activating the right muscle groups.

(29:00) #12 Always seek out feedback.

Don’t wait to receive it, but seek it out. Take your colleagues classes- send out client surveys. Kaitlin feels that if she discovers an instructor that isn’t interested in supporting their fellow teammates, she wonders to herself why she should support them.

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