Episode 90: The Power of Personalization and Service with Ben Hart

Ben Hart

In this day and age, where success for many is literally measured in how many followers you have, it can be tempting to strive to amass more followers

Ben Hart

Motivational Business Coach & Brand Strategist

In this day and age, where success for many is literally measured in how many followers you have, it can be tempting to strive to amass more followers, clients, or members to measure our success- but true influence, change, and impact comes from the depth of the relationships we form- not the breadth. This episode breaks down some simple techniques you can implement in order to personalize your relationships with your clients and members. Because the deeper we go, the stronger the relationship is, and it can be startling how powerful that can be.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to create powerful micro-communities within your larger client base
  • Easy actionable ways to personalize interactions and relationships
  • Dos and Don’ts of personalization and service

Here’s the Complete Episode Summary:

(12:30) Instagram’s new feature and what it can do for your community

Instagram launched a new feature that enables small groups (up to 32 people). If you know that you have people at your studio that are working towards the same goal, you can drop them into “micro-communities” within your entire studio community, and give them a powerful place to speak with like-minded people going through the same struggles, hold each other accountable, and provide them with bespoke offers to help them reach their goals.

(15:30) Before you post or promote anything, ask yourself “Am I providing any value?” if you’re not, don’t post it!

(34:00) Personalization

Put yourself in the shoes of your client. What would make it worth it to spend the amount you’re charging for their services?

(39:30) Do’s and Don’ts of Personalization


  1. Really get to know your clients
  2. Be Present (put your phone down)
  3. Have Empathy (put yourself in their shoes and bodies) What’s it going to take to get them to do what I’m asking them to do.
  4. Get as creative as possible to balance their wants and needs (what does it take to maintain one of your friendships? How can you boil that down to what you provide to your clients?
  5. The experience trumps the programming- create a state of mind and being for people
  6. Attention. Make your client the most important thing when they are in front of you.
  7. Creativity and Energy- Don’t get content. Don’t fall into a pattern of behavior or a script to guide you through the experience with your clients.


  1. Be ungrateful
  2. Get too sales-y. Add value, and then pull back.
  3. Don’t forget about long-term ROI. Forming a deep relationship with someone doesn’t just disappear. It comes back around.

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