Episode 87: Are Your Playlists Poppin’?

Barry & Shay

Do you ever wonder how much time you should really be spending on your playlists for class?

Barry & Shay

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Do you ever wonder how much time you should really be spending on your playlists for class? Maybe you’re feeling stuck because you feel like you have the same songs on repeat week after week, and you’re feeling underwhelmed and un-inspired by your music and you’re afraid your clients might be too? Or are you feeling totally stressed out because you’re always on the hunt for new music, spending hours and hours making new playlists in an effort to switch things up and keep your workouts exciting? In this episode we’re going to give you the 411 on what really makes a playlist pop. We’ll also give you some tips to keep you and your clients engaged, while also keeping you sane.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How often you should be changing up your playlist
  • Easy hacks to make the playlisting process easier for yourself
  • How to craft a playlist that your clients will love

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

  1. Learn BPMs. If you teach to music It’s very important to know what the Beats Per Minute of each song are. This will give your class more texture and keep your clients engaged. But you have to ensure that the tempo allows us to safely perform the movement.
  2. Vary Tempos. This gives your class texture, and will decrease the chance of your clients mentally tuning out.
  3. Don’t Worry About Creating a New Playlist Every Time. As a rule of thumb (depending on how many classes you teach) change your playlist once a week. Most of the time your clients won’t be aware that you’re playing the same playlist. Also, repeating a playlist or playlist elements will allow your clients to master what you’ve asked them to do before.
  4. Break your class into halves or thirds. Instead of creating a whole new playlist, change the second half of class, or the first half of class.
  5. Just Change The Most Memorable Moments. The most memorable moments of class are the start of class, the end of class, and the high point. Swap those out to make your playlist different.
  6. Keep The Same Music, Change The Programming. Or vice versa! Your class will feel very different if you change the programming but keep the same music. Same if you keep the same music and change your programming.
  7. Create Playlist Folders. Drop songs that have the same feeling or similar programming capability into the same folder so you can easily find them and drag and drop into a future playlist.
  8. Have An All-Star List of Songs. Make a list of 30-50 songs that you love and know well that you can throw into a playlist and know you can light up the room when teaching.

References in the Episode:

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