Episode 85: Learn the Three Essential Elements of an Ideal Business with Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby

Wait… it’s not ALL about the experience?? Well, in order to deliver clients an incredible experience, we have to have clients to deliver that experience to

Pat Rigsby

Fitness Business Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author

Wait… it’s not ALL about the experience?? Well, in order to deliver clients an incredible experience, we have to have clients to deliver that experience to, and too often we don’t put enough attention into how we develop a strong relationship with potential clients in order to get them to become paying regulars. We don’t see someone attractive at the grocery store and walk up to them and ask them to get married (we hope!). Instead, communication and trust is built before that commitment is made. In this episode we take a look at how this translates to our businesses in the fitness industry by learning how to take someone who has just become aware of us, all the way through the essential step-by-step process that turns them into a superfan.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The three core units that every ideal business excels in
  • How to adjust your mindset to truly connect with your clients
  • Actionable tips to boost your IMPACT, as well as common pitfalls to avoid

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Here’s the Complete Episode Summary:

(7:40) A Quick Summary…

In any excellent business, there are three core units:

1.Someone who has just become aware of us, and us aware of them. Someone who might potentially be a client.

2. How we move this person to being a client.

3. We give the person the results they want in an experience they enjoy.

(10:10) We don’t start in the right place as an industry.

We don’t tend to approach relationships with people in a natural way. We try to do everything at once. Example: running an ad that says “sign up for our six week program”. You’re asking someone who doesn’t know you to commit to six weeks, give you money, and rearrange their life, all at once. There needs to be in ice breaker… permission to continue the conversation.

(19:13) To convert, it’s all in the followups.

The more you follow up with someone, the more opportunities you have to dissuade any fears, help them through any mental obstacles that might prevent them from signing up with you. Don’t write someone off just because they don’t sign up within a week.

(21:56) Exercise:

Step One:

Go back and think of a part of your life where you are not so great. Where you’re uncomfortable, inexperienced, etc. Think about what you go through with that, as well as the fears and the concerns. Our prospects are likely going through something similar. This will help remind you to think like a consumer.

Step Two: Ask your current clients about questions, concerns, or fears that they had when they first joined, or begin to document questions that prospective clients have when you’re getting to know each other.

Step Three: Make a video addressing ALL of it.

Step Four: Make it part of your followup sequence to get someone to convert. Answer the questions they HAVE- don’t give them answers to questions you wish they’d ask.

(25:00) What are some other ways to warm people up and convert?

This is a 365 day a year process. You’re going to keep following up with them until they tell you they don’t want you to follow up with them any more. It doesn’t matter if it’s 400, 4,000, or 40,000 people, you still have to do the same amount of work to follow up with each of them until they convert.

(29:00) Some other types of offers

Deadline driven offer (like a transformation challenge that starts on a certain day)

Engagement offer (I’m looking to take on a few more clients next month; are you open to discussing) This kind of offer almost demands a response because of how conversational it is.

(30:51) Making a sale is not a conquest.

It’s not a victory where it’s the end. It’s actually just another beginning. You are now trading your time, expertise, help, support, accountability, and knowledge talent for not only their financial investment, but also their time, effort and dedication to be successful.

(32:30) Take what you know about interactions and human behavior offline, and apply it to how you speak and interact with people online.

(36:57) Don’t fall into the trap of making sure that everyone understands how good you are, instead of spending time trying to understand the person you’re trying to connect with.

Being the coolest or the best or the place with the best equipment or facilities is not a sustainable business model. Turn that focus around to the people you’re trying to attract. Make them the star of the show. This will get you attention while every other gym is trying to tell people how awesome they are.

(41:00) Remember that the fitness industry is unique.

In most transactions, someone gets what they paid for almost immediately. They get their meal or drive the car off the lot right after paying for it. In fitness people have to wait a long time to see the results that they paid for. While we can’t deliver that to them immediately, we can celebrate the process. Celebrate that they are there, and celebrate what they do well. Just showing up is something they should be proud of. Make people feel special.

Don’t let a fear of tech hold you back. There are always people to help you. It’s like learning to walk- you’re going to figure it out. If it’s scary, it’s not a reason to not help other people. Think of the people you might be robbing of your gifts and talent because of your fear to take action.

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