Episode 84: Empowering Yourself to Take A Leap of Faith Towards Your Dream Life and Break Free of Burnout with Jess Glazer

Jess Glazer

Are you burnt out? Do you find yourself grinding and hustling every day, but you’re still not able to have the impact on others that you know you can have

Jess Glazer

Fitness Expert, Founder of FITtrips, Creator of Empower U(niversity)

Are you burnt out? Do you find yourself grinding and hustling every day, but you’re still not able to have the impact on others that you know you can have, and fully share your gifts and talents? Maybe it’s time to make a shift. In this episode, Jess Glazer, founder of Empower U(niversity) tells her inspirational story of how she went from burnt out teacher and fitness professional, to creating a six-figure online business, pulling back her working hours while quadrupling her profits and ability to have a deep, meaningful impact on others.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to get your online business started
  • How to find your audience and ideal customer
  • Mindset shifts to break through fear every step of the way

Here’s the Complete Episode Summary:

(17:00) How do you know when you’re ready to get started online?

Don’t let a fear of tech hold you back. There are always people to help you. It’s like learning to walk- you’re going to figure it out. If it’s scary, it’s not a reason to not help other people. Think of the people you might be robbing of your gifts and talent because of your fear to take action.

Our call to action as studio owners is to fail that up- to be more human. We know when we get it right, because we know where we like to go, and where we feel the best.

(20:00) How did your impact on others change when you got online?

You don’t need thousands of fans or followers, you just need the RIGHT people. What’s more important is the ripple effect. By helping more people, you indirectly have an impact on the lives of the people that they interact with on a daily basis.

(23:00) What does it take to create your own online fitness business?

Community is just as valuable as your offering. Try to find people that you can collaborate with who can help you in areas that are not your strengths. See where you can help them as well!

(28:21) You have to reverse engineer.

You have to think of your client. What’s the outcome. What do you want them to get out of it? Why are you doing it? We want to help everyone, but that’s not the reality of success in online business. That’s why doctors are specialists. What are you going to be a specialist in, and who are you helping?

(30:15) Three ways you can show up as an expert

  1. Be a research expert. It makes you very relatable. It’s the difference between being the person going through a weight loss journey versus being the body building. You’re inviting people to come along on the journey of discovery. You’re going to go find out answers for people.
  2. Be a results expert. You demonstrate how you can help others get results. It’s based on transformation.
  3. Be the role model. Be inspiration, motivation, and a friend to others.

In any case, post with intention and be a leader and an expert when you post and share. Add value!

(34:30) Lead Generation

Speak to your ideal client’s pain and pleasure points. Focus on language. Apply all information that you have on your clients/ followers. Try to use their own language.

(37:40) What should you do if you’re afraid of sales?

It all has to do with your mindset. Sales is just an exchange of energy. If you go in with a mindset of “I don’t like this”, you probably won’t make the sale. Instead, detach from the sales and the money. If you really believe in your product, if should be easy to sell.

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