Episode 83: Dialing up the Emotional Experience in Your Class or Studio with Emma Barry

Emma Barry

In a world where everything is becoming more automated and on-demand, we as fitness professionals and studio owners don’t just have to compete with the studio down the road

Emma Barry

Speaker, Writer, Mentor, Observer, and Catalyst

In a world where everything is becoming more automated and on-demand, we as fitness professionals and studio owners don’t just have to compete with the studio down the road, but Netflix or on-demand workouts as well! This means our classes and our studios have to become a special place where people can go to get something they can’t get from just anywhere- a deep emotional connection. A visceral experience. Human connection. There is so much that we can dial-up in tiny aspects of the experience that we provide that can make the difference. Listen as fitness titan Emma Barry distills years of wisdom into how you can make this a reality through her step-by-step roadmap that she shares in this special episode of Fitness Career Mastery.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to turn your studio or class into an emotional experience
  • The step-by-step roadmap to take you there
  • Why mastering this is what’s next in fitness.

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Here’s the Episode Summary:

(09:06) Why is building an experience so important?

We are competing against Netflix now! We’re up against anything that isn’t WORK- because everything is competing for our time and attention. So the way to be something that is sought after is to be something that people have a deep emotional connection to- a visceral response. We have to touch in on that human need as the world becomes more automated.

Our call to action as studio owners is to fail that up- to be more human. We know when we get it right, because we know where we like to go, and where we feel the best.

(17:05) People want to know that you have a purpose, that they’re behind something good, and bigger than them.

One of our best hooks is the music that we use. It hooks you viscerally. It can take you forward or back in time. Think of the visceral response that Freddy Mercury got from the crowd during the “call-and-response” portion of his performance during the Live Aid Concert.

Are you providing that visceral response to the people coming to your studio? Are the people committing to the workout, feeling the music, calling and responding, to the well-placed cues and motivational bits that we put in there.

You haven’t made it until people an emotional response to being in your presence, responding to what you are doing, in the environment that you do it in. When you do it right you have the opportunity to change people. And if I’m going to show up live to do it, it had better be good because there are plenty of other options on their phone.

(21:14) There has to be a massive foundation of WHY. Why we’re there as a business and why we’re there as a client.

Go beneath the surface. If you don’t know what it is, work down what it is NOT. The beginning of this work can be difficult. But you have to get to a point where you’re all in or all out. Think about the moments in life when you’re most alive. This can indicate to you what your why is. Go back to when you were a kid. You can also focus on what your strengths are. If you were once creative, you’re always creative, once, strong, you’re always strong.

When you know your why you can wake up every day and know where to put your time, money, and resources, and where to NOT put your time, money, and resources.

(25:45) What is the FEELING that you want people to leave with, or have when they spend time with you?

The answers can be so varied! “loved, at home, enthusiastic, coached well, or be themselves”. If you hold this as your purpose, then everything you do will feed into that. If it’s vague, then your class experience or studio experience will be vague as well. It’s not enough to convert someone to become a member.

(27:45) What do you VALUE?

Personally, and as a business- this is the set of behaviors that you DO. What is in your calendar? What is on your credit card statement. THAT is what you value. You will find a theme there.

(29:55) The Boutique Barometer- Rating your boutique on a scale from 1-10

Refer to the free download to go through this test!

(31:00) What is the Pre- and Post- experience like?

What happens when I come out of the studio? Before I go in? What development do they need to be taken to the next level?

(33:25) How differentiated are you from others?

You don’t have to be SO different. All you need is to be something that your community needs. If you do have competitors right next door, then you do need to be sure that you can differentiate yourself.

(35:40) Drop the Fear.

If you’re afraid that your instructors will leave with your awesome programming and take it somewhere else, then you have to take a look at the business you run. You want to be the place that nobody wants to leave, and if you have that fear, your instructors are going to pick up on it too. You can’t live like that. You have to be able to give in order for the next big idea to come. Build a brand that people love, feel listened to, see their ideas executed on, they’re a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

(39:23) If I do have competition, how do I stand out?

Refer to the free download.

(42:30) Map every touchpoint for your staff.

What are all the ways that your staff touch you- what are all the ways that your members touch you? Should they all be there? Are they all being done brilliantly? Which should be invisible? Which should we double down on and make special as a human experience? Think about things differently. Don’t know the answers? If you just watch people- they will tell you. The truth is hidden in plain sight. Try to do this every quarter. Know what your journey is, and take a look at it when you get negative feedback. What are the complaints and why.

(46:46) Six Steps to On-boarding

Really understand that people will be left to their own devices and they’re going to be making thousands of decisions on your behalf- so they’d better be singing from the “songbook”.

Without rituals you don’t have behaviors; without behaviors you don’t have the habits; without the habits you don’t have a consistent amazing experience that people are guaranteed to have every single time they come.

(49:39) It’s so important to think of everything “big picture”, but then also always come back to “what can I do today to move the needle towards my why and my dreams”

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