Episode 77: The Top 5 Ways to Level Up in the Fitness Industry with Dane Robinson

Dane Robinson

Former football player Dane Robinson has been in the fitness industry for ten years working his way up. In this episode he shares his experience and plenty of practical

Dane Robinson

Fitness Professional

Former football player Dane Robinson has been in the fitness industry for ten years working his way up. In this episode he shares his experience and plenty of practical, actionable tips on how to bring your business to the next level.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to go from trainer to fitness professional to fitness business professional
  • How to stand out in the fitness industry
  • What distinguishes the good from the great

Here's the Complete List of Tips:

How to level up in the fitness industry (07:24)

Start with the right mindset: Fitness is a service based industry, and you want to make sure that you deliver the best service that you possibly can. Your clients come in with certain expectations and trust – make sure that you over-deliver!

No. 1: SERVICE (11:20)

Treat your clients like you’re walking into your own favorite restaurant. What do you expect from a top notch experience should translate into how you are of service to your clients. Focus an all the big and little things that make their experience above ordinary. Step up your service game: Fill up the water bottle when you see an empty one for instance: When you see a need and take care of it before someone even asks for it, it results in great appreciation.

Action Tip: Anticipate your clients wants and needs!

No. 2: Program with Purpose and Assess for Awareness (18:18)

Make sure you know the purpose behind what you do and always keep assessing these things.Explain that purpose to your clients too: Let them know what your roadmap is by working backwards from the goal.

Action Tip: Download your FREE guide from Dane Robinson on how to Program with Purpose in the references below!

No. 3: Light Up the Stage (25:30)

Don’t be afraid to be different and honor what makes you unique. Be seen, be heard, be felt.Give a lot of energy or more intimacy and don’t be afraid to connect and engage with your clients. Think about how people can connect with you, whether they are in front of you or not. Leveling up = Digging deep

Action Tip: “Be more than a fit pro, be an experience.”

No. 4: Connect and Learn (32:16)

Finding your voice in the fitness industry takes some time and effort and you don’t have to figure it out overnight. Connect with other professionals that went through a similar journey, go to conferences or find other ways and resources to get inspired. “Alchemize” what you think is great and works for you into your own, unique offering to your clients. Never stop trying to get better at what you do, you should continually make an effort to learn and level up.

Action Tip: Find and text 3 people in your life that can help you level up right now. Don’t be afraid to communicate and ask questions, whether they are in the same industry or have similar experiences that can help you elevate your game.

No. 5: Gratitude (43:08)

Humility creates stability. Celebrate your clients! Even when you get praise from your clients return that appreciation back to them (they showed up!) and pass on the gratitude. Small things will go a long way and create stability and loyalty. If you can derive joy from what you do for others rather than what you get in return, it will create a successful and sustainable business.

Action Tip: Think about ways to celebrate your clients and nourish relationships.

Action Tip: Level those up around you!

Action Tip: Create systems for what you do for scalability and latitude.

Other References in This Episode:

Success is not final; failure is not fatal to you.

"Level Up" by Ciara

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