Episode 75: Hiring, Firing, and When to Call it Quits (Part 1)

Barry Ennis

Part one of this insightful series is all about the hiring process and how to find a great fit for your studio!

Barry Ennis

Fitness Professional

Part one of this insightful series is all about the hiring process and how to find a great fit for your studio! The episode is aimed at studio owners, operators or managers in hiring positions but also at trainers who want to get more insight into the hiring process and understand both sides of the business. This is also the first episode hosted by Barry Ennis AND Shay Kostabi, who has recently come on board as a host!

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to get organized and efficient in your hiring process
  • What to look for and what questions to ask when recruiting new staff
  • How to create a selection process and evaluation standards

Here's the Complete List of Tips:

The Hiring Process (01:36)

Hiring can be very exciting but also stressful – we have plenty of tips to help you get clear, organized and efficient. Firing can also be a stressful topic for many people so we’ll talk about best practices around that in next week’s episode 76.

What You Should Look For

  • Culture Fit (04:42)
    This is the first thing we’re looking for. Putting a team together is like creating a family, and in order to maintain a happy workplace you need to choose new staff carefully

  • Education (06:30)
    When recruiting your staff you want to make sure they are well educated but also passionate about continuing education and improving their skills.

  • Other Things to Look For (08:50)
    Choose people that are well spoken, good communicators, have an outgoing personality and thrive in front of an audience. They should be professional, put together, responsible and be good listeners.

  • Brand Fit (10:39)
    Your candidates should be excited about your brand and vision/mission – you want to make sure it’s the right fit and that you share a common goal and vision for your clients!

  • Questions to Ask (15:00)
    Ask your candidates about their short and long term goals to see if they align with your mission. What other interests do they have outside of fitness? What’s their availability(do they have a job, a family, how far away from the studio do they live etc.)?

Action tip: It’s essential that your product experience is of the highest quality, so you should make sure that your entire team is top notch!

The Audition Interview Process (20:00)

  1. Adopt/design a customized hiring process that is efficient:
    Create a standardized onboarding protocol (by doing research or drawing from your own experience). Don’t be afraid to ask for other studio owner’s experience and best practices.
  2. Have a well-defined selection process and evaluation standards see template in the show notes!
  3. Build a matrix of your ideal recruits based on baselines (necessary skills to be considered for the role) and differentiators (qualities and skills that an ideal candidate would fulfill).
  4. Train all of your hiring team on the process, including how to conduct interviews.
  5. Hire for a culture fit!
  6. Keep your hiring protocols consistent and don’t make exceptions for any candidates whether they be master trainers or family members.
  7. Ensure a speedy hiring process. If you keep someone in a holding pattern you are prohibiting them to unfold their potential or to move on and find something that really suits them. Build a timeline backwards from when you need people to start. For more help also see the audition notice template in the show notes!

Action tip: To make it a positive experience for everyone, lay the expectations out on the table and be timely with your feedback. Lay the groundwork for future collaboration if you think someone has potential but needs to gain more skills before re-applying.

What you should NOT do (35:30)

  • Don’t hold auditions just to see what’s out there if you don’t have a roll to fill

  • Make sure you have a roll and room on your schedule for a new hire

  • Only bring people into training if you can actually see them as part of your studio

  • Don’t make promises that you can’t fulfill

Other References in This Episode:

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Episode 44: Become the Leader in Your Market (Pt. 2) with Billy Polson

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