Episode 73: The Incredible Story of an FCM Listener Turned Studio Owner

Dwayne Rowsell

In this very special episode we follow Studio Box owner Dwayne Rowsell on his journey to opening a new boutique boxing studio

Dwayne Rowsell

Co-Founder, Studio Box

In this very special episode we follow Studio Box owner Dwayne Rowsell on his journey to opening a new boutique boxing studio – following an immersive coaching experience with master fitness instructors Shay Kostabi and Barry Ennis. Learn how to prepare for running a fitness boutique and how to stand out, and get inspired by the experience and advice from Dwayne Rowsell a few days after opening his studio!

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to prepare for opening a new studio
  • What goes into creating a powerful class and client experience
  • Why perfecting your product is everything

Here's the Complete List of Tips:

1. The Background Story (00:40)

In 2018, former professional athlete Dwayne Rowsell travelled to Shay Kostabi and Barry Ennis to Shanghai for an immersive, one week in-person coaching. The intention was to perfect his product and prepare for opening his own boutique studio in Auckland (NZ), knowing that the proper preparation and foundational work will be the key to success.

2. Perfecting Your Product (08:55)

In order to have the impact that you seek on your clients and as a business owner, you have to have an amazing product. If you want to create a boutique class experience you have to step it up and create a unique and powerful class and client experience.

3. Benefits of the Immersive Training with Shay and Barry (14:19)

  • Daily conversations with two experts and master fitness instructors, uncovering all the small and big aspects of creating a successful product.
  • Getting help to break out of your comfort zone and improve yourself and your product.
  • Learning about the elements that make up a great class, from musical phrasing to technical skills like teaching with a microphone.
  • Creating a complete, high energy and all-around class experience.

4. Keep Learning (20:18)

Never stop educating yourself on how to improve your product. For instance, keep coming back to the podcast episodes (or any other resources that you use) as you will pick up on different areas and new information that you might have missed the first time around. See the references at the end of this show note!

5. Creating an Instructor Training Manual (21:05)

You need to have a strong vision and great product for your studio, and it’s equally important that you convey those properly to the rest of your team. Plan for a couple of weeks to train your team in every aspect of the experience you want to create! Ranging from the overall class program to technique, skills, musicality, coaching, queuing, motivation, how to put all of these together, how to give progressions / regressions / modifications and so on.

Action tip: Give your team time to practice IN the studio that they need to get familiar with. Teaching your staff can be an amazing team building experience and create a great culture within your business.

6. The sweet spot (24:30)

The sweet spot is where you have a basic structure that maintains the brand identity but enoughfreedom where the instructor can infuse their own personality/persona.

Action Tip: Know what you bring to the table; know what your assets are and how they apply to your business – but also what do you do not (yet) have and where you need ask for help.

7. A Strong Foundation (32:50)

When opening a studio or any new business you should go in with a strong foundation, investing time and effort to plan and prepare beforehand so you don’t have to play catchup after opening and have to go back and fix the foundation. Before anything else, you have to perfect your product.

8. Studio Opening (38:12)

Dwayne is telling us about his Studio Opening a few days ago and the process leading up to it since the in-person coaching with Barry and Shay! The weeks leading up to the opening have been spent building and creating the studio, training the instructors and doing solid marketing.The time spent on creating a unique and powerful product paid off as classes have been received great and really set the studio apart from other boutiques. No doubt that passion and dedication were also key to a successful opening.

9. Three Pieces of Advice from a brand new studio owner (47:40)

  • The first time something goes wrong it feels like a huge deal, but over time you’ll learnhow navigate these challenges more effortlessly.
  • You’re always going to need more money – so plan for going over budget.
  • Enjoy the process and the challenge as well as not knowing everything yet. It’s a most rewarding, intense and overwhelming experience.

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