Episode 72: Establishing Rapport and a Heart Connection With Your Clients with Thomas Ascough

Thomas Ascough

How can you connect with your clients mentally and emotionally? What mindset do you need to create a successful brand?

Thomas Ascough

Co-Owner, PLYOGA Fitness

How can you connect with your clients mentally and emotionally? What mindset do you need to create a successful brand? Thomas Ascough, co-founder of PLYOGA, talks about the importance of the mental aspect in fitness inspired by his own experience of creating a successful brand and loyal customers.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • How maintain a heart to heart connection with your clients
  • The importance of a mental connection and mental commitment
  • How to find your HOW through your WHY

Here's the Complete List of Tips:

1. Plyoga (06:04)

Plyoga combines flexibility and balance as well as strength and power by combining yoga and plyometric movement.

2. How fitness impacts life (10:06)

Focus and mental strength are an integral part of fitness. Fitness is a tool for life that can influence you and your clients as a whole: Overcoming challenges in class or the gym teaches an attitude that helps overcome challenges in life.

In a nutshell: Fitness is a mental commitment first and foremost.

3. Essentials of a good class experience (15:47)

When you have a class setting make sure to always keep it challenging. Remember that this is not your time to get your workout in but it’s all about your clients getting the best experience possible. Try to find the “leaders” in your class who come regularly and know the moves and let them shine; call them out for doing something well or use them to demonstrate an exercise. This keeps the energy high and motivates others in the room to also become leaders.

4. Teach for effort (20:04)

This is very important: Create space for everyone to work at their own level and teach for effort! Compliment on your clients’ respective level of ability and try not to overlook effort: For a beginner, giving 100% might look like they’re going slow, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not trying hard.

5. Create a mental connection (26:56)

One of the biggest challenges for a fitness professional is to connect with their clients mentally.Your clients come with personal goals and ambitions and you should not be shy to address that personal mental space in an honest, open and of course caring way – for the benefit of your client! Often we beat around the bush instead of giving clear direction or addressing uncomfortable things directly, even though we have people’s best interest in mind. Any trainer-client relationships need a human touch, so we need to meet people on a human level.

Action Tip: Do not to be afraid of having conversations about not trying or pushing enough or about going too hard. If you make it about people, it will always work.

6. WHY and HOW (35:45)

It is important to know your WHY (why you do what you do) but you shouldn’t get discouraged if you don’t know your HOW (to get there) yet. All successful brands developed their brand over years and not overnight, it’s a process of trial and error and finding out what works for you. You might experiment and change strategies over the years to refine your product but should keep a clear vision of your WHY throughout the entire time to keep you on the right (and a successful) path.

7. How to deal with setbacks (38:40)

Be prepared for people to say no. Not everyone is interested in your style of teaching or studio and you can’t please everyone. But if you believe in your product you need to stay committed to the ones that say yes and keep improving and pushing forward for them. The three big factors in the equation for a successful business are people, product and process.

8. Conclusion (43:50)

Influencing people’s minds positively and having your heart in the right place, that’s the most important thing and a prerequisite to success in fitness.

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