Episode 70: Do’s and Don’ts Volume 1: Indoor Cycling with Kate Hoerner

Kate Hoerner

In this series we’ll take an in depth look at different group fitness modalities: master instructors in their respective fields will give you all the Do’s and Don’ts

Kate Hoerner

Fitness Consultant

In this series we'll take an in depth look at different group fitness modalities: master instructors in their respective fields will give you all the Do's and Don'ts of creating an amazing class experience – whether you’re just starting out or are already an experienced instructor trying to keep things fresh! In Volume 1, indoor cycling expert and coach Kate Hoerner shares some of the most important aspects of a successful cycling class with us.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

• DO's: How to create a great indoor cycling experience

• DON'Ts: What to avoid in class and how to keep improving your instructor skills

• How to connect with your students

Here's the Complete List of Tips:

1. General tips for every type of class (01:00)

One of the best things you can do is to take classes from other instructors to inspire you. In order to empathize with your new students, remember what it was like for you when you took your very first class. Try not to just get stuck in your own ways – always keep an open mind, that’s the way to learn and grow.

2. Indoor cycling DO’s and DON’Ts (11:35)

  • DO: Use your teacher voice! Your voice is a tool to create a great experience and energy in your class. You can learn by imitating other instructors or take audio / video recordings of yourself – not always comfortable but very effective.

  • DON’T: Never touch a rider’s resistance knob, you might cause injury. Everyone is in a different place on their bike and you need to respect and empathize with that. DON’T: Call people out individually unless it’s positive feedback. DO: Know how to describe resistance by explaining what it should feel like (especially for inexperienced students),additionally to whatever system you use otherwise. (16:10)

  • DO: Prepare your music ahead of time! Dead space kills the mood and energy in class.You should be present with your students all the time because when you’re constantly looking at a screen you risk losing them. (22:20)
  • DON’T: Do a drill or a move you’re not 100% comfortable with teaching. There’s lots of conversation about what’s appropriate to do on a bike or not but what it comes down to is that you shouldn’t teach anything you’re not sure about. Also, if you see many people in your class struggling with what you teach, be prepared to change it up and adjust to your audience’s level! (25:10)

  • DO: Connect with your riders. Don’t be afraid to open up as this is what your audience connects with. It takes time and practice to get comfortable with that, so don’t get discouraged. Your music is also a great way of letting your personality shine through and lift you up – your excitement will translate to the other riders. (29:55)

  • DON’T: Spend hours writing class profiles. Come up with systems that you can recreate and adjust. (36:30)

  • DO: Attend other instructor’s classes to keep things fresh. You can also learn a lot form very different classes outside of cycling. (40:30)

  • DON’T: Get stuck in your ways or close your mind to new ideas. Try it before you have an opinion on it. You should look at different styles and extract whatever you think can be beneficial to you and your style of teaching. (42:50)
  • DO: Take your rider’s criticism clinically and unemotionally. If it’s constructive, use it to improve. If it’s not really about you then don’t take it personally. Don’t try to please everybody but be authentic. (45:50)

  • DON’T: Be afraid of silence and don’t overstimulate riders constantly. Silence can give your students space to digest something you said, or focus or simply enjoy the music.Music is one of the most powerful aspects of your class. (48:00)

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