Episode 66: Three “Why’s” You Need To Know The Answers To

Barry Ennis

Today we are discussing three important “why’s” that every fitness professional and studio owner needs to be able to answer in order to deliver the best possible class experience. Fitness does more than keep people in shape

Barry Ennis

Fitness Professional

Today we are discussing three important “why’s” that every fitness professional and studio owner needs to be able to answer in order to deliver the best possible class experience. Fitness does more than keep people in shape – it has the potential to change lives by helping our clients rediscover confidence, push through hard times, and provide a supportive community that can act as an escape from any drama outside. It is our responsibility to create not just a quality workout, but also take that next step to design and offer an experience that encourages our clients to be the best version of themselves.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

• Remind yourself of your purpose

• Link your class experience to your brand

• Meet the needs of a group all at once

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

1. Know your “why” (9:30)

I have taken a class before where I didn’t enjoy the facilities or the programming but I felt connected to the instructor and therefore, would return to the class. This “why” is what makes people connect to you. For many of us, becoming an instructor is something that just happens, so we don’t think about this much. Writing a love letter to your clients is a good way to start this thought process. This will help you determine what you’re passionate about and attach you to a deeper purpose. Include what you want your clients to feel, experience, and gain through their time with you.

2. Know the brand’s “why” (14:00)

You want to be in touch with the brand or studio that you are working with. What clients are they trying to attract? How do they talk about themselves in their marketing? Think about what this leads them to predict about their experience and how you are fulfilling those predictions.

Action Tip: Take a fresh look at your brand’s marketing material and messaging. What is it that is being communicated to people through that? How can you deliver that experience through what you do in your class?

3. Know the client’s “why” (15:10)

This is where we can hone in on creating an emotional experience for people. There’s plenty of general reasons why people choose to work out – social environment, health concerns, opportunity to release stress, love for the endorphin rush, or maybe to work through a hard time.

For those that are looking for a social experience, they want to work out with friends. What can you do as a trainer or studio owner to facilitate this? How can you encourage people to form relationships within the class? The social experience also doesn’t stop within your four walls – how can they share their experience with their social circle on social media?

Some of our clients will be there because of concerns for their health and in an effort to lose weight. How can you make everyone feel welcomed and empowered with your workout and branding? These clients often feel intimidated to workout in the first place. How can you penetrate that wall and begin to help them feel comfortable with the idea of being vulnerable? Try remembering their name and details of their life and asking them about it so they feel they have a connection with you. Make sure they feel comfortable with the equipment when they first enter your facility. Assist them in feeling safe and seen, even if they want to hide in the back. It is important for them to know, like and trust you.

Another reason people enter a fitness class is to relieve stress. How can you help people let go of their daily worries? How can you program something into your warm up that lets participants release right away? What kind of music should you play to encourage this?

Some clients just love to workout! Can you make this even more fun for them? Crack a joke or play some funny music. If being the life of the party isn’t your style, don’t stress. What are some other ways you can get people to crack a smile? Remember, we want them to make an emotional attachment.

We also have participants looking for a feeling of accomplishment. This comes from getting them to feel vulnerable and then pushing them through that challenge. Think about how you coach them through these tough moments to get them there.

There are times we come across clients that are in class working through a tough time in their lives. If you can be aware of this being a possible motivator, it will change the way you communicate with them.

Now that we have a better understanding of our clients motivation to work out, the next step is to take yourself through a practice of experiencing their journey of being with us. How do we do this? First, go and take a class on your own and be aware of your experience and internal reactions. Ask yourself these questions –

Before the class: What time of day is it? Where are people coming from? What are they thinking and feeling when they arrive? Are you meeting them on that energy level? How are you greeting them? What music are you playing? Was it difficult for them to get there? What can you say to address possible pain points?

During class: What happens in the middle of the workout? What happens when you’re going “all out” in the workout? What does it feel like when you get a chance to rest? When do you best respond to motivation? When do you just want to listen to the music? When you know you’re approaching the end, what is going through your head? What does it feel like to cross the finish line?

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