Episode 58: Overcoming Self-Doubt, and Reprogramming Your Mind for Success with Angela Anderson

Angela Anderson

We all have dealt with the reality of struggling with confidence in front of your class, overcoming your own anxieties and just being able to be the best version of yourself up there.

Angela Anderson

Fitness Professional

We all have dealt with the reality of struggling with confidence in front of your class, overcoming your own anxieties and just being able to be the best version of yourself up there. That’s why my guest, Angela Anderson, is here to address the common limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves as fitness professionals and what we can do to begin to reprogram our own minds at a subconscious level.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Breaking down your core values

Self-muscle testing techniques

Reprogramming your life based on core beliefs

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

(8:00) I am struggling with confidence and comparing myself to others. What can I do to combat these feelings?

Everything it revolves around our beliefs.It’s the one belief, the I’m not good enough. Belief then just grows bigger and bigger, and it gets into the collective consciousness and affects us on a world scale. So how to get started – just take a look around at your life and go backwards and say,” You know, what’s not working? What has happened along the way that is contributing to the situation?” There’s a bigger picture. What’s going on in your life right now is a result of belief that you have been acting out that have been repeated over and over again.

(16:15) How do we understand what the root of the problem is?

The first thing to understand is you’ve got a subconscious mind and in that subconscious mind, you have thousands of very, very powerful beliefs that are tied to your confidence, your income, your happiness, your abilities. Think of it like a house of cards – the cards at the bottom are what hold your core values, and the ones above are more or less superficial attachments that we either connect to our beliefs or use as layers to cover up insecurities in who we are. You must peel back the layers. What are things you are doing in your life that are apart of those top layers that don’t serve you and vice versa? As you start to pull them back, you will get to see your core values.

(23:40) Take the insecurities that you find, and create the direct opposite phrase, a positive affirmation. For example – change “I don’t feel confident in front of my students,” to ‘I feel confident in front of my students.” Say this out loud again, again, and again along with the other alternative phrases you create.

(28:30) Step number two is to get permission and commitment. The permission is very important to find out if this is this safe and appropriate for you. If your core values do not actually align with what you are saying that you want, then the process isn’t right for you and you need to begin again from the start. You cannot permit or commit yourself to go further without resetting the target.

(33:15) We use muscle testing for the next step.The muscle testing is a direct way to communicate with your subconscious mind because your subconscious controls all your motor functions. It’s an excellent vehicle to be able to find out these beliefs and then test them and say, “Hey, Subconscious Mind, where are you at with this?”

(35:45) Can you give us examples of self-muscle testing?

Get a two or three pound weight or resistance band. Hold it in your hand and then you do a front raise to test your shoulder. it’s really important where the eye positioning is.You want to have your eyes focus down like a soft gaze, chin parallel to the floor, eyes focused, downward soft gaze. I want all of our listeners, listeners to be very, very careful.It’s always nice to have someone else observe you to make sure that you’re not self sabotaging. Our subconscious is very smart, very sly and there’s a lot going on that we’re not aware of. One little shift of the eyes or one little an outside or noise or interruption can break that connection. What we’re trying to do is test the energetic flow in the body. What happens is when your subconscious mind gets a stress signal? It’s going to produce a chemical response in your body. When something is not true or when something is causing you distress, then you’re going to feel it in your body. You can do some pretests with yourself and just say, “My name is Barry,” and then you lift that weight and it should be 99.9% of the time it is strong because indeed your name is barry and then you give it a counter muscle test and you say, “My name is Angela,” and then it should feel heavier because it’s not true that your name is not Angela and you’re not a female.

(41:30) Once you have discovered your beliefs, how do you begin to reprogram?

Say your goals were to be healthy, wealthy and happy. Through your muscle testing, you feel that you have found what you should do to encourage that. Go through a clarification process by discussing actions and follow them up with the muscle testing to be sure. Follow this series with external verification by asking yourself, “How will others feel about me when this becomes true?” and internal verification, “What will you say about yourself when it becomes true?” along with “How are you going to feel?’

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