Episode 55: Generating Quality Leads and Mastering the 7.5 Steps of Making a Sale (Pt 2) with Claire Garrigan

Claire Garrigan

This is a continuation of Episode 54 with our guest, Claire Garrigan. Claire is an expert on sales specifically within the fitness industry.

Claire Garrigan

Fitness Professional

This is a continuation of Episode 54 with our guest, Claire Garrigan. Claire is an expert on sales specifically within the fitness industry. In this episode, she takes us through the different types of leads and how to ones find the highest quality. Claire has also developed a fool proof system called “The 7.5 Steps of Making a Sale,” which she walks us through in detail. Studio owners – this is a long episode but it is worth the time to listen from start to finish.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

4 powerful methods to generate quality leads

Step-by-step guide to turn leads into sales

How to overcome any objection

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

(5:00) Review of sales funnel from Episode 54

(7:00) There are so many great places to go and find quality lead and the majority of them you don’t even have to pay for it.

The first one that I’m going to let you know about incoming calls. You really want to be there when the phone starts ringing. You just wouldn’t believe the amount of leads that come through that phone might get ignored simply because people don’t like answering the phone

(10:30) How important is it to answer that phone call or how quickly do you want to answer that phone call back If you miss that call?

ASAP. If you are able to answer the phone on the first ring, do it.

I always try and keep in mind when I’m on the phone, you can turn every single phone call into a lead. Ask them if they have a friend interested in coming with them to class, what’s their name, what’s their phone number

(14:10) Do you have any tips or suggestions about how you can guide those conversations towards sales?

Sure, for an outgoing call the first thing to keep in mind is that  nobody likes answering the phone. They don’t like it as much as you don’t like it. We just have to get on with it. Let’s make it the best experience that we can. So my top tip is always keep it direct and keep it simple because we’re also busy. Make it easy for them to say yes to.  “Yes, I could come into the gym 6:00 PM to try out your next group class.” Providing value. Listened very carefully to what they have to say.

(16:45) How do you remain a very direct and to the point but also not come off as pushy when you’re having that conversation?

Have somewhat of a script to work with to keep you on track. Have little check boxes that you’re taken off along the way and you can obviously put your own spin on it, but I do think it is important to have something to stick to because you can just get so distracted .The end of every conversation that we have with somebody on the phone at this point is to book them an appointment to come in and see us.

(18:00) Let’s circle back a little bit and talk about some of the other great ways to generate free leads.

The next one is your web presence. Everybody should have some sort of web presence, whether it’s a website, whether it’s social media, whatever it may be. This is the easiest way for you to generate leads when you’re not even actively doing anything. Goal is, that number one, people can find you and an easy way for the person who has found you to get in touch with you. The first thing that somebody should see before they see anything else is an easy way for them to fill out their details so you can contact them. Provide something valuable to encourage them to leave their information. Make it direct, quick and simple. When we leave it in the hands of other people to contact us, we are going to be waiting. As soon as those leads come in, you should be calling them.

(23:15) The next option to generate leads are walk ins. This is somebody who walked in that you were not expecting, not an appointment that just walked in off the street and said, “Hey, how much do you charge for a membership here?” Normally you walk in and somebody at the front desk says, “Here you go here, the schedule here, some price options, and goodbye.” That’s not a lead anymore. Get their number! You need something in place that as soon as somebody walks through the door, they cannot go any further or get any information without filling something out. We can call this a liability waiver, fitness planner, whatever we want to call it. If somebody walks in, you have your liability waiver and somebody says, “Hey, I want to know how much membership options are.” You respond, “I can definitely help you with that. In order for you to be here today, I just need you to fill out your information here just in case you injure yourself while you’re on the premises and while you’re doing that, I’m just gonna go grab John, and he’s going to come out and let you know about a few different membership options so you can take a seat over there.”

(29:00) The final option for generating leads is referrals. Referrals, referrals, referrals. This business thrives on referrals and there are so many opposite are just not cashing in on a how good of a quality referral is.

The easiest time to obtain quality referrals is at the point of sale. I can say that with full confidence: if you are not asking for referrals at the point of sale, you are missing out massively.

How do we follow up with those referrals?

“So we’ve chosen the membership you would like to purchase today and to thank you for that, I actually have ten one week guest passes for your friends and family that can come in at our facility at absolutely no cost to them, no cost to you, and it’s a great opportunity for your friends to come in and have the experience that you’ve had here with us today.”

We’re making it sound like we are doing thanks to you. We want to build value. We want to make them know this is special for you. I’m doing this because I appreciate you and your business. If you wait until the point where they’ve seen significant gains or weight loss, you know that that’s cool and that’s a nice time to ask for referrals, but we’re talking like at least a month if not two, if not three.

When I’m talking about referrals, I’m always talking about you receiving the name and the phone number. You do not want to be waiting on them. What do you have if value that you can offer as a time due to these new members that they can go home with as a thank you for the referrals to add value.

(38:15) What do you say to these friends and family when you get them on the phone?

Explain in one sentence who you are, why you’re calling and where you got their number from. You have to say that as soon as physically impossible because again, nobody likes to talk on the phone.

(40:30) This is where we begin the 7.5 Steps of Making a Sale.

You made the contact, you made the appointment. They’re in the facility.

  1. Meet and greets. They have literally just opened the front door of your facility. I want you to ask yourself, what is the first thing that happens there? What is their first impression of your business? If you have a front desk person that the very first point of contact they need to be on their game. Have a process in place (liability form, take a seat, ask to wait).
  2. (45:00) Building rapport – Shake their hand, look them in the eye long enough that you know their eye color. Get their name, share yours, and remember theirs. Ask questions and listen to the answers. “Where are you from? Oh, I’ve never been to that town. What’s it like there? What made you decide to move here? Oh you’re a student, what are you studying? That’s really interesting. What made you decide to start studying that?” That’s building rapport. I like to think of it as the questions you might ask someone if you’re on a first date with them.
  3. Health and Exercise History – We’re not just asking from a medical point of view. One of the main reasons I ask these questions is because I really want to get you thinking about why you sat here with me today. I really want to get to know what your experience has been with exercise in the past because I want to get it all out in the open. If you had an awful time joining a gym or if you hired a personal trainer previously and you hated every second of it, I want to know that because these are all things that are going to come up as an objection if we don’t tackle them early on in the process.
  4. (59:00) Goal setting – To segue into this, say, “Okay, Barry, I know you mentioned earlier that weight loss and muscle gain are really important to you, but I just want you to tell me again, what do you feel is your number one fitness goal?” It shows that you’re listening to what they were saying. What is the reason you came in here today? Listen carefully because that answer is going to be your biggest objection if you were going to get one. The best way to do goal setting is to find out what the goal is.Let’s say they want to lose weight, but then we also want to quantify. How much weight do you want to lose? If you don’t know their why, it might be that they don’t know their why or maybe it’s that they’ve never actually said it out loud to themselves. You don’t have to come up with solutions then and there. You can simply respond with, “Okay, great. Sure. I hear you.”
  5. (1:01:00) Tour the facility – The easiest way to segue from do on our goal setting and having this highly emotional conversation into a tour to let them know this is what we’re going to be doing. “Okay, Barry, I’m really excited to hear about all the goals that you have. What I want to do next is I want to take you on a tour so I can show you where everything is and answer any questions that you have for me along the way. Then what we’re gonna do is we’re going to come back to the table. I’m going to sit down and I’m going to show you some different membership options and answer any questions that you have.” This is not a museum tour, which is just walking around the bike or the treadmill, group exercise studios, there’s the change room. That’s not fun. It’s not informative and you know it doesn’t do anything for you or for your potential clients because you’re not continuing the conversation. We want to open the door for more questions than answers. We are doing reflective listening. I am going to give you a customized tour.
  6. Price Presentation. Segue: “We’re coming to the end of our tour now. I’m going to take you back to the table and I’m going to go over some different membership options with you in more detail.” Sit down and ask trial close questions that I hope are going to end in. Yes. So we sit down and say, “Barry, we’ve gone through the tour. Is this somewhere that you could see yourself being a member? Do you feel like we have everything that you were looking for in a fitness facility? The price presentatio needs to be so simple and easy to say yes to. So if you have a thousand different options to choose from, you need to be able to narrow it down to two or three that are ideal for your to show we’re listening to their needs and making it simple for them. You should have a visual price presentation to start with
  7. (1:23:00) Ask for the sale. “So I’m showing you my price presentation am it’s going to look like this. Okay. Barry, listen, based on what we talk about, I have a few different options that I think would work best for you. So I had Option A, B, and C but considering what you told me about having a six month old baby on wanting to lose 20 pounds B is the one that I would recommend for you. However, the choice is yours. So which one of those do you think would work best for you?” I recommended for you. I haven’t given you too many options. I’ve suggested which one I think would be best for you based on your words, not mine, not what I think based on what you told me, but I’m also not taking this decision away from you.
  8. (Really, 7.5) Objection – If you do everything right, ahead of time, you probably won’t reach this step. Start by acknowledging their objection, repeat it back. It will give both you and them clarity. Maybe they don’t feel that way, but just needed you to say it for them to realize it. If that’s not the case, go back to the beginning. (1:29:40) “Okay, Barry, look, I understand that this is a big commitment and I understand that you didn’t have a great experience in the class, but I know that you mentioned that you’ve been thinking about doing this for six years now and it’s something that’s really important for you to be able to keep up with your kids. So let’s get this started for you.” If that doesn’t work, offer them a trial period that ends with an automatic start of their membership agreement unless they cancel within a week/month/etc.

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