Episode 42: Beyond Teaching: Your Future in Fitness

Barry Ennis

At the start of our careers in fitness, we may feel content teaching full time and dedicating our focus to instructing. Overtime, however, our body may begin to feel tired or we become interested in exploring other outlets.

Barry Ennis

Fitness Professional

At the start of our careers in fitness, we may feel content teaching full time and dedicating our focus to instructing. Overtime, however, our body may begin to feel tired or we become interested in exploring other outlets. What else is there to do beyond teaching? How do we make this transition? This episode is for anyone already in the fitness industry, but this will also help newcomers that are interested in learning about how to create a sustainable career and insure longevity.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Potential career paths within the industry

How to use supplemental skills/experience

Use your passion to find what comes next

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

What are some potential career paths within the fitness industry?

Online programing/teaching: Dave Smith provided many tips on this in Episode 41. Good for those who want to reach more people, who have maxed out their schedule traveling between clients, and those who want to make passive income (effort upfront, payment down the line).

Writing/selling e-books and mini programs online: Another form of passive income. A lot of upfront effort, but the material will exist forever online!

Master Trainer/Mentor: Teaching a few classes a week may still be apart of your role, but the primary role is managing other instructors and educating them to elevate their coaching. This involves recruiting new talent, auditioning, and training new hires, producing content, hosting continuing education workshops, and upholding the content of the current team.

Studio Management: If you have other passions or skill sets in marketing, event production, and/or team management, you may be able to move into a higher role within your company or an outside company. Roles may be studio manager, production manager, or working within the marketing team. Having experience in both the fitness industry and other areas creates a great niche for yourself. Two episodes that touch on this (specifically relating to their skills in marketing) are Episode 17 & Episode 18.

Develop bespoke programming for other fitness brands, studios or trainers: Someone has to be the person to design, develop, standardize, and train instructors in all classes that has ever been created. Shay Kostabi from Episode 4 & Episode 25 does this for studios all over the world, and Dr. Laura Miranda (Episode 39) has done this for herself but she has also developed a teacher training program to broaden its potential.

Independent Consulting: Similar to developing programming, but focuses more on short term consulting and master classes/training. Noël Nocciolo (Episode 11) and Natasha Marshall Green (Episode 27) are experts in this field.

Opening your own studio: This is a lot of work, but it can be incredibly fulfilling to build a community around your vision in fitness and share your personality through the space that you opened. Xavier Quimbo (Episode 37) and Ninette Wassef (Episode 7) are both successful owners that have great suggestions for those interested in this path.

Host retreats/workshops: Great way to satisfy your wanderlust! Both are very fulfilling because you get an opportunity to have a larger impact on a smaller group of people. You are able to form true, deep, and meaningful relationships with the attendees. Marisa Merliss (Episode 36) has found a lot of success hosting international retreats, and Victor Chau (Episode 24) is well known for amazing yoga workshops.

Spokesperson/Educator for Wellness Brand: If you enjoy being in front of the camera and have a fit physique, you could be a great representative for this brand! If you would rather be behind the scenes, you could use your network & expertise to help produce events, advertising material, content, etc. James Patrick (Episode 22) has some great tips on how to get started with this.

Public speaking opportunities: Corporations will pay a lot of money for someone to present on healthy living at their events. You could become a presenter at different fitness conventions, one being IDEA. If you enjoy writing as well, you may be able to blog/vlog, which may not pay much at first but are great at opening the door to other opportunities in the future.

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