Episode 039: Breaking Free of the Conventional Career Paths with Dr. Laura Miranda

Dr. Laura Miranda

I want to introduce a new idea to you – maybe your personal training model isn’t the best way to serve your clients, make more money, or create more freedom for yourself.

Dr. Laura Miranda

Fitness Professional

I want to introduce a new idea to you – maybe your personal training model isn’t the best way to serve your clients, make more money, or create more freedom for yourself. Maybe teaching group fitness in the studio isn’t the best path to help you continually grow as an instructor. With this episode, you will learn to create diversity in all of your workouts, how to avoid stunting your career growth, how to empower your clients if they can’t make it to the gym on their own, and how to maintain excitement and enthusiasm for working out for both yourself and your clients.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Create diversity in all of your workouts

Maintain enthusiasm for working out

Develop your own outdoor workout program

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

1. What is the way to break out in such a saturated industry as our own?

You have to offer something that others cannot or that they’re not offering. You have to understand what is being offered by your competitors to then be able to offer something different. Dr. Laura Miranda is taking her workouts outdoors as her way to change it up. She feels that this makes them fall in love with their city and their body all over again.

2. How does your structure differ from the traditional boot camp that is also often offered outdoors?

Dr. Laura Miranda uses different parts of the city and/or park for each session to keep things fresh. Its a boot camp “on the go,” or she calls it “a fitness flash mob.” Her group will meet in one spot, and then move to a new location and use the natural monuments, benches, fences as their inspiration for their workout. This also means that her workouts do not use any equipment other than what is offered in the natural landscape of the city.

3. This approach can be beneficial to you as a trainer as well. Dr. Laura Miranda argues that being gym or equipment dependent can stunt your career growth. Let’s expand on that.

If you are stuck on that one gym that you work on, those balls, those bands, those machines – all great methods – but if that is all you know and your repetuare is limited to that, what are we actually teaching our clients? The biggest reason they fall off: they can’t make it to the gym. They don’t have enough time to be there for the full hour with you. They go on vacation. Now what are they meant to do? We want to empower them further than just teaching them squats and push ups. On the otherside, if you are pigeon holing yourself to only being able to make money when these people come to you or come to the studio you work in, then you could be missing a lot of other opportunities to make money training them outside, in their apartments, etc.

4. Dr. Laura Miranda has an interesting take on why most trainers end up quitting the fitness industry.

Most people get burnt out after working their way up through the ranks, they are certified, they work through the gym, they’re booked back to back, and you hit your ceiling. You are too busy to grow and too scared to change. You have achieved your max as a trainer, and you are exhausted from work to create new content.

5. How to build an outdoor fitness program…

Starting with the mistakes most trainers make:

-Timing of your class: most trainers make it at a time that works for them. The timing has to be where the demand is. If you work for a gym currently, what’s the busiest time? Don’t do it around your schedule, do it around your clients’.

-Creating a class vs. a program. People will sign up for one class or purchase 5 at a discount and then call it quits. Try a 21-day, 31-day program where people are invested in the start and the finish. They pay upfront, so they show up. There’s always going to be an excuse, but this will motivate them, help them create a routine, and help you measure their progress. From a business standpoint, you get testimonials, videos, and transformations from this that will help market your program.

Other tips…

-Permits: Dr. Laura Miranda didn’t have a permit for a park, so she was forced to leave. That is how this program started! If you stay on the move, you don’t need a permit!

-Marketing struggles: Its difficult to market without a brick and mortar business. Understand the power of blogging, newsletters…whatever you need to do to reach out with your clients. You’re not taught this as a trainer, so go to workshops to learn this. Listen to podcasts. Take an online course on how to make it happen. How does Dr. Laura Miranda do this? She finds the local mommy blogging group and connects with them, gets in the local newspapers, touch base with the local Chamber of Commerce, Facebook ads, webinars/opt-ins…most importantly be active in your community and connect to those with the largest voice.

If you were in a new city and wanted to start an outdoor program, what would you do?

Do a free joint-venture with the local _____ (juice place, mom’s group, etc.) to build your reputation and meet face to face with the people you want to build your program with.

6. What is your personal workout like?

Any piece of equipment you see in the gym is outside as well. The training methodolity of Pursuit is adaptation, innovation and reinvention. It involves using basic principles of exercise science of progressive body weight training on structures you would normally stand, walk, or sit on. Example: run to NYC City Hall, box jumps up the stairs, jog down, sprint across the street, 20 push ups on the fountain there, agility steps back through the lines on the cross walk back to where we started.

7. For someone starting out, how would you design this in your city?

Start by exploring! Bring a pen and pad, see the structures, write down what other uses you can develop. From here you can create a route for your program. Also be prepared to be flexible. No matter what, without fail, something will be going on in your route so be ready to come up with something on the fly. This is often where the most creative, best content comes from!

8. Tell us about Pursuit!

This is Dr. Laura Miranda’s How-To of all the marketing and business side of things with developing your own outdoor program, but also addresses the training side of things as well. Its for trainers that feel like they have met their limit as a trainer and are looking to create something more. Check out the link below in the references!

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