Episode 038: How to Balance a Fitness Career with Family or Another Job with Alexis Olerio

Alexis Olerio

My guest has developed a unique training technique that has allowed her to see up to 13 clients a day, while being a full-time mother. – Wait, what? We know, we’re shocked too.

Alexis Olerio

Fitness Professional

My guest has developed a unique training technique that has allowed her to see up to 13 clients a day, while being a full-time mother. – Wait, what? We know, we’re shocked too. If you have little ones running around at home or another job to juggle, this is the episode for you. Alexis Olerio breaks down the best hacks for effectively managing your time.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Legal strategies to run a home business

How to overlap private clients

Marketing techniques for an at home business

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

1. How do you balance a family and train out of your home?

My baby is really well behaved! We (my wife and I) have socialized her from the beginning, which has made her used to being around others. We are dedicated to teaching her confidence and independent. I also have very understanding clients that have been here since before I had my child. They also like the idea of working out, but they don’t really love actually working out. Having a baby around helps, and doing it in my home makes it feel more comfortable.

2. Were there permits you needed to have a gym as a business in your own home?

License with the city is needed, and you also need to make sure it is allowed to have a business in your home based on your city’s laws. If not, there are permits that you can get to have in your home, or you can go to clients’ houses without issues. However – if you go to their homes, you lose time, money, and opportunity to be creative. Rates can also be lower if people come to your home.

3. You have a creative way of maximizing the number of clients you have by stacking them. Could you share that with us?

I have designed a dynamic stretch warm up, it is about 4-5 minutes. Then, I encourage 6 minutes of cardio (most often jumping rope). That is 11 minutes, followed by a 1.5-2 minute cool down, and a variation of a 3 minute plank determined by the client’s need. That is a total of 15 minutes, and for this reason I will overlap my clients by 15 minutes. They are able to memorize this warm up and I will multitask and communicate between the two of them while I finish off the last 5 minutes with the previous client. Just as I design a memorable warm up, I have a memorable cool down. The first client is able to do this while I start with the next. If client’s need a lower rate, I can overlap by a half an hour because I am good at multitasking. I average about 9 clients a day.

People enjoy seeing each other and having the sense of community building paired with the personalized session. It helps them feel like they aren’t alone when they see each other. It creates a positive environment and a sense of unity.

4. If you’re training out of your home, you have to market yourself differently. Can you share some of those techniques?

Main part of everything I do is word of mouth. I started with Craigslist, I have also used Yelp. With Yelp, I named my business “A-Team Fitness,” which got people interested because they thought it was a studio. I feel people are afraid of personal trainers, so I’ve taken different approaches. I’ve asked clients to give reviews to help new people know what to expect. I have also made business cards because people tend to come back over time, and a physical reminder is powerful. With the boot camp I used to offer, I always give a free first class. I don’t list my rates on anything because I tend to use a range of rates depending on what they can afford, their level of motivation, and what their plan looks like. I also hang flyers with phone number tabs for boot camp, personal training, and a two-hour health evaluation.

5. Specifically for marketing your boot camp, what are some strategies you used?

I changed the name from boot camp, because I found this tends to scare people. I have posted some videos on social media which has gotten some attention, and I offer the first class free. For those who are interested in doing personal training, I recommend three sessions a week to see results – however, not everyone can afford this. This has been a great alternative for those clients.

6. Last tips for at home moms and dads looking to do what you’re doing from home?

I work out with some of my clients (which tends to give them their money’s worth, because I work us harder!) because I wouldn’t be able to find the time I need to do it otherwise. Find clients that enjoy this, are motivated by this, and join in!

Do something in the beginning of the week to set the tone for the week ahead. This will shake off all the sugars, drinks, heavy meals from the weekend and get you started on the right foot.

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