Episode 32: The 17 Rules of Client Creation with Charles Portugal

Charles Portugal

There have been several episodes on Fitness Career Mastery that have addressed marketing techniques, but this episode is the first that addresses mastering your own mindset and approach to marketing

Charles Portugal

Fitness Professional

There have been several episodes on Fitness Career Mastery that have addressed marketing techniques, but this episode is the first that addresses mastering your own mindset and approach to marketing, which can make or break you- regardless of the specific technique you use. Listen to this episode to learn not how to attract clients or generate clients, but “create” clients. Whether you’re a personal trainer or a gym/ studio owner, this episode is for you!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

-To shift your mindset to one that will attract more clients.

-A proven structure and system to making sales.

-To address what your clients truly need.

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

1. Sell The Experience, Not The Concept. You do this with a free trial or a free discovery call… After which the client’s decision needs to be whether to continue working with you.

2. No Cold Calling.
Calling people up when you don’t know them and they don’t know you is a waste of time. Your prospects must have some experience of you before you ‘invite them’ to a conversation.

3. Know That Enthusiasm Wanes.
If someone is enthusiastic about working with you – Act Fast! In one week their enthusiasm will have waned and it’s not easy getting it back to where it was.

4. Don’t Use Email.
Your coaching is a valuable service so don’t devalue it by selling yourself on an email. You’ll look desperate. Save the selling for your discovery calls.

5. Create Discovery Calls.
Make sure your calendar is filled with bookings for conversations until your day is filled with clients! The more discovery calls you have, the more client’s you’ll create.

6. Be Certain.
Always come from a place of certainty about your ability to help people. Never ever project unworthiness.

7. Share Successes & Case Studies… and not features and benefits!
Nothing sells better than proof so make sure you collect and share client testimonials and case studies. People aren’t interested in you or your methods as much as they are interested in results. #LeadWithProof

8. Find The Problem Behind The Problem.
Keep asking questions until you find the root of their issue. This will show you are interested in them and will agitate their pain in preparation for your solution.

9. Don’t Be Needy.
Neediness is repellent and prospects can smell it a mile off. People want what they can’t have so don’t be easy to get.

10. Be A Committed Listener.
You should be talking no more than 20% of the time in any sales conversation. When you’re not asking powerful questions your attention should be 100% on your prospect.

11. Fish With A Rod Not A Spear.
Many of you stomp around in the water trying to stab fish with a spear… spooking the fish. You may catch a few but you wasted a ton of time, got soaking wet and looked stupid doing it. Better to sprinkle a bit of food in the water, get them hungry, lay back in the boat with your rod and dangle your bait until you get a bite. Stop chasing. Make them bite!

12. Be Like A Waiter
At the end of a call don’t let the fear of ‘NO’ stop you asking the question: “Is this something you would like to do?” Do you ever resist a waiter who asks “Would you like coffee?” See yourself as ‘serving’ when you ask that question. Because you are!

13. Specialise.
The fastest way to succeed is to be known as an expert to a small group for one specific thing. Don’t try to be all things to all people.

14. Be The Leader
Always lead the conversation. You don’t want to be wishy washy and vague at any time. Follow a structure and stay in control.

15. Establish Rapport
Rarely will someone open up to you and answer your questions in depth before you have established rapport. You do this by connecting with them as soon as possible. Find some common ground and emphasize it. Be warm, open and natural.

16. Treat Them Like A Person Not A Paycheck.
Your focus should be giving, not taking. People can feel when you truly care and your intention is to serve their deepest needs. Forget about the cash and focus on helping them. The cash will surely follow.

17. Be So Good At What You Do They Can’t Ignore It.
Really dial in your craft. There’s no surer way of getting referrals, testimonials and impressive case studies than delivering EXCELLENT results.

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