Episode 2: Becoming a Fitness Professional- Part 2 of 2 with Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman

This episode is all about the next steps following getting your certification (detailed in Episode 1.) Jon Goodman of the Personal Trainer Development Center (PTDC) answered

Jonathan Goodman

Fitness Professional

This episode is all about the next steps following getting your certification (detailed in Episode 1.) Jon Goodman of the Personal Trainer Development Center (PTDC) answered a lot of questions on how to mentally approach training, finding and retaining clients, marketing yourself, and more.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

    1. How to mentally approach training
    2. Finding and retaining clients
    3. How to you market yourself


Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

1. Certification does not equal qualification.

If you want to begin as a personal trainer at a gym, you need to be entrepreneurial.

2. How do you choose where to be employed?

You may think you know who you want to train as a new trainer, but you most likely don’t. Give yourself the chance to try working with many different types of clients – work in a large gym or facility that brings in this broad type of clientele. Then notice, who are you energized by? Who do you look forward to training?

Once you’re ready to advance and develop your niche a bit further, do your research and see where there is a specific need. Look into what a gym specializes in and figure out what they lack and how you can fill this void. Come in with a pitch prepared. Treat yourself like a business and sell your services so they can’t say no!

3. How do you go about getting your first client?

Figure out who you can help and how. How do they want to be helped? Think past the generalized 5 lbs./10 lbs. goals. If they give you something superficial like this goal, then ask them, “Why?” Find a goal that is personal to them. If they’re not able to offer this to you, then simply tell them you are not the right person for them. (This will make them want it even more!) However, more than likely they will be able to give you enough information about themselves for you to offer a personalized program. Not only just from the actual exercises, but how you name it, how you sell it, how you bring everything you do with them back to the meaningful goal.

Offer your client two options. Think about it – the two highest money making word pairs are still or sparkling, and red or white. This is instead of, “Would you like to get started?” which only leaves them the chance to say “yes” or “no.” If you say, “Okay, your options are A or B,” this gives them the idea that they are already started and will continue to move them forward.

Then, offer them three pricing options. One cheap, one in the middle, and one expensive. Aim your package at the middle. Raise the expensive price quite high (for example, A. $100, B. $200, C. $1500). This will make your middle price seem reasonable, where before maybe even your lowest costing package would’ve felt expensive on its own.

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