Episode 18: Targeting Your Fitness Marketing for Results with Kelly Coulter

Kelly Coulter

This episode is the second in a series of two episodes focusing on marketing specifically for the fitness industry.

Kelly Coulter

Marketing Specialist

This episode is the second in a series of two episodes focusing on marketing specifically for the fitness industry. Break away from the feelings of intimidation when we think of the task of marketing! In this episode we take a deeper dive into specific and effective marketing techniques that you can use to create a successful marketing campaign.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

• Free means of marketing that you might not have thought of

• How you can use your studio schedule as a marketing tool

• What are the best social media platforms for you.

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

  1. Start by sharing what you’re passionate about to get the word out there. This is called positioning. You’re positioning yourself as an expert and someone passionate about this to your network.
  2. Don’t use all of your income or savings on a website or an SEO project right away. Start with your network, or use free means like a Facebook page or a Google Business page so you’ll be indexed in a Google search. People will search for “barre in my area” and they may not even notice that you don’t have a website. They’ll just click on your contact info or phone number
  3. Marketing isn’t just a matter of paying for advertising, and you don’t need an expensive branding package to get started!
  4. Just because you’ve posted three times doesn’t mean everyone saw them. Don’t worry about being a nuisance- keep posting!
  5. Tips from the book “Profit First”- have 5-6 bank accounts. Have a separate bank account for marketing, or put that money in the 10% of your revenue in your “operating” bank account, or your “marketing” account.
  6. Don’t spend money that you don’t have on marketing.
  7. Where do you get started? Start with the free things. Authentic ways to get people to get to know you like podcasts, radio shows, other ways you can get yourself and your message out there without paying for it.
  8. Once you have a marketing budget, the first thing you should consider is a branding package, or a website, or booking software. Email marketing would come next.
  9. You can use your own class schedule as a marketing tool. Create a clean and neat time schedule that’s easy to understand, and with easy to read timeslots.
  10. Considering sitting at the front entrance and watch the people who walk in. Make up a story about them and ask if they can get what they are looking for from you.
  11. When you’re first starting your goal is make money and fill up those bank account buckets. Once you see who’s responding, then you can start to focus on marketing goals.
  12. To find your marketing goals ask yourself, “What makes me happy?” Come back to your “Why”. What’s rewarding for you? This establishes your goals for marketing by establishing your message.
  13. The most effective social platform depends on your audience because different social platforms skew differently to different types of people.
  14. Find the social platform that works for you. Get on all of them, and figure out who’s responding and where, and then target that platform.
  15. Video is a powerful kind of post! Utilize engaging, interactive, bright colorful video/ photos that’s easily understood.
  16. Balance your posts so not all of them are a call of action. Social media is about connection.
  17. When you’re trying to grow you should post twice a day. 1/10 posts should have a call to action. The rest should be something your audience will enjoy or learn from.

Other References in This Episode:

Episode 17: Mastering the Fitness Marketing Basics with Debra Atkinson

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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