Episode 126: Navigating Uncertainty and Managing Mental Health with Bianca Rodriguez

Bianca L. Rodriguez

Throughout quarantine, we’ve been so focused on our safety and physical health, and the health of our businesses, that our mental health...

Bianca L. Rodriguez


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What you can do about the overwhelm that you’re feeling
  • How to manage burnout
  • Thoughts on how we can help better serve the mental state of our clients

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

(4:15) Stay connected to others.

Have a regular group o people that are part of your support system- ideally people that were there before COVID and will be there after COVID.

(10:00) Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and paralyzed in the decision making process?

Unsure of what to focus on or what to do next? Is that causing you to feel overwhelmed and anxious and then unmotivated, then feeling bad about not doing anything? It’s a vicious cycle! Bring yourself back to your original intention. How can you serve that intention now- in this time- which may be different than what you have done before! Put yourself in a position where you’re not working against what’s happening, but working with it!

(21:00) Realize that your brain is functioning very differently right now.

We’re dealing with something that is life threatening and that is causing us to feel overwhelmed, foggy, difficulty focusing, difficulty concentrating. Give yourself a break! You’re not operating the way you’re normally operating. DON’T compare yourself to who you were before the pandemic, or what you were able to accomplish.

(32:00) Managing digital burnout

Being at home, we’re required to be on technology a lot more, and it’s causing burnout! Ask yourself why you’re on the technology.

(42:00) Not being able to transmit what you don’t have

You have to fill your cup up first before you can be of service to others. And being of service to others doesn’t mean giving it away for free. In fact, research shows that when we consume free things we don’t value or respect it. We don’t invest in it because we didn’t make an investment.

(52:00) Be conscious of how you re-engage life as you move out of COVID

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