Episode 125: How to Go From OK to Masterful on Camera with Mason Bendewald

Mason Bendewald

What does the Food Network (the 24 television channel that teaches you recipes and how to cook) have in common with your online...

Mason Bendewald

Elite On-Camera Talent Coach

What does the Food Network (the 24 television channel that teaches you recipes and how to cook) have in common with your online workout videos? As it turns out, a lot! People don’t tune into the Food Network to watch cooks make food. It’s the amazing personalities that the hosts have that make you feel like they’re there in your kitchen- telling you a story about they learned their years ago from their grandmother. It’s really no different with your online workouts. Shouting numbers to the camera from across the room​ as you count down lunge reps isn’t enough to keep people engaged, truly enjoy your workout, and want to come back again. In this podcast episode you’ll learn how to go from being just ok to masterful on camera- and spoiler alert– it has nothing to do with the push-up, the squat, or the Russian twist. That’s the equivalent of the recipe that you can find anywhere online. You’ll learn about how it’s the delivery that makes the difference, and what you can begin to change today to make people fall in love with your workouts on camera.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What we need to know about what’s different about teaching on-camera compared to teaching in person
  • Some of the biggest mistakes that on-camera trainers make that kill the vibe
  • Things that you see on-camera trainers try to “hide” about themselves because they feel it won’t go over well with their audience when it’s actually the opposite.
  • The best things on-camera trainers do to be relatable and make people want to work out with them

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

#5 Don’t Over Explain – silence can be golden! And I’ll hear more of what’s important.

#4 Smile – if it’s not comfortable practice until it is! Smiling just looks right on-camera. Work on it until it becomes a natural part of your performance.

#3 Breathe – way too many coaches say “don’t forget to breathe” and never do it themselves : ( You demo everything else – make sure you demo breathing too. Without it – we’re dead.

#2 Motivate – “a push up is a push up” – everyone knows how to do them…it’s your job to motivate people to do them and come back for more.

Pro Tip: instead of counting reps – tell me a short story about a time you failed! Yes, failed – but I also want to know how you prevailed and what you learned from it. How many people watch the news or listen to music when they are on the treadmill? Tons because they’re being entertained – not thinking about how much longer the workout is – or how many more reps. You story can do the same thing while also motivating others. Big win.

#1 Be Yourself – you need people to WANT to hang out with you – let your personality shine through and they will.
Pro Tip: If you’ve heard another trainer so it – you shouldn’t say it. “Don’t worry I got you” for instance. But you have a million things about you no one else has.

Pro Tip: If you have an accent – I want to hear it. Speak another language? Great teach me a few fun words to say we can use together. Are you a parent – awesome so am I and I can relate to all the joys and woes of parenthood. Are you from a big city or a small town? Had a hard childhood or maybe you were you a star athlete and your dreams were cut short because of an injury. Have a funny dog or a persnickety cat? This is all part of who you are – and the sum of your experiences is more interesting than anything else. Work on weaving those into your workouts and you start to create a brand no one else can replicate.

References in the Episode & Additional Resources:

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