Episode 123: How to Step Up as a Leader for Your Community With Michael and Paden Hughes

Paden and Michael Hughes

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Paden and Michael Hughes

Owners and Founders of Gymnazo

We need leaders in the fitness industry right now. We’re hearing scary statistics that up to 40% of studios will not re-open coming out of quarantine, and with how important fitness is to the physical and mental health of our communities, this is incredibly disheartening news. For many it’s come as a result of not knowing how to pivot or respond to being required to shut our doors. Perhaps you are one of them. The question you must ask yourself is how are you leading your community through this time and providing stability? Our clients have been in a state where they’re freaking out because there is a vastly changing landscape out there and they’re being told their dollars matter and need to be conserved, but at the same time, they’re in a position where their mental and physical health has never mattered more. To step into the role of a leader we need to realize that this is more than about fitness now. You are their sanity, there to give them hope and positivity. Focus on that more than the physical. In this episode we hear from two shining leaders in the industry who literally put on imaginary viking armor and stepped into the unknown knowing that their guiding light was the knowledge that what they have to offer is of value, and the love they have for their clients. Ultimately we learn that their greatest secret- a positive attitude and problem-solver mindset. This pandemic has rocked all of our businesses but there will always be unexpected setbacks, and we hope that this episode serves as inspiration for how we can approach the uncertain when it comes knocking.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What Gymnazo did to pivot 400 members online without a single cancelation
  • How they found three additional revenue streams that they never would have thought to create
  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about charging for your service

(2:00) Reacting to Lockdown

(5:00) How Gymnazo sprung to action- because, the fitness industry needs leaders right now.

(8:00) Learning more about Gymnazo

(19:00) Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about charging for your services

(27:00) How to step up as leaders for your community now

(30:00) How Gymnazo created alternative revenue streams

(40:00) Your gym or studio might also be a film studio and Amazon fulfillment center!

(46:00) Get excited about starting over again- find your entrepreneurial spirit!

(49:00) What happens next in the industry?  

References in the Episode & Additional Resources:

Gymnazo COVID Playbook

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