Episode 108: The Future of Studio Design with Cuoco Black

Cuoco Black

According to our guest today, you’ve got your 1.0 concepts. They’re the ones with the green AstroTurf and the blue stripe on the wall. You’ve got your 2.0

Cuoco Black

Master Fitness Facility Designer, Gym Brand Architect

According to our guest today, you’ve got your 1.0 concepts. They’re the ones with the green AstroTurf and the blue stripe on the wall. You’ve got your 2.0 concepts which are very clean and modern but resemble all the other boutique concepts out there. And then you have your 10.0 concepts- the ones that take a bold step closer to your own personality and values while simultaneously taking a bold step away from the competition. Avoid “better sameness”, and instead build a business that aligns with your vision and values. It’s a bold and brave step to take, but it ultimately allows you to create a space that attracts your ideal customer and makes them feel at home there. It also ensures that the competition can’t just copy you.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

• How to draw on your own inspiration when creating your concept

• What the most important elements of a design concept are

• How to create a “blue ocean” where you stand alone from competition

Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

(04:00) Design Think

Think about Disney, and how he created immersive entertainment spaces, that had an effect on people’s consciousness. What kind of space can you create that’s exciting, dramatic, and theatrical, and evokes a specific response or feeling from your clients. Don’t be afraid go off the grid from the “Boutique Design Aesthetic”

(19:00) The difference between a 1.0 Gym, 2.0 Gym, and 10.0 gym

Cuoco challenges you to create a 10.0 gym that stands alone from competition, and follows your inspiration.

(22:00) Elements that must be in place for a 10.0 design

The one thing that has to be LOST is green astroturf, because that evokes the thought “oh here we go, another gym”. But when you put in blue, white, pink astroturf, all of a sudden minds start to go “woah! I haven’t seen this before!”

What’s your brand concept? It’s a good idea to start from the logo. The design can come from reverse engineering the brand platform.

(26:00) “I don’t think I can afford to create a space so custom”

You can easily raise or lower the bar on price by the selection of design materials and fixtures. You can also raise or lower the bar based on the pedigree of design. Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the results are predicated by 20% of the effort. So, for instance, focus 80% of your design budget to the reception area- because that’s where people’s attention is grabbed.

(30:00) Create a “blue ocean”

How to create something vastly different from your competitors, and bypass the fear of going off the grid. It’s not just about what you want, but what does your ideal consumer want that they’ll share about at home, at work, and on their platforms? Throw a little caution to the wind!

(35:00) Avoid becoming a “blurred brand”

If you create something that’s like another brand (which we see a lot in the industry), what happens if that brand eventually comes to your town? There’s not a lot of distinction between brand aesthetics, and can be confusing to the consumer. The public has seen enough 2.0 boutique concepts.

(38:30) Look at what Apple did with the iPod.

Do what Apple did with the iPod to capture the MP3 player market share. The iPod was a paradigm shift.

(46:00) I already have a gym or studio, how do I rebrand it to make it a 10.0 concept?

There are simple design elements that you can shift to accomplish this- reach out to Cuoco! And you also already have your space. The hard elements like plumbing and A/C are already installed. You can just do a cosmetic facelift for your space, which is infinitely cheaper.

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