Episode 103: 7 Steps to Growing Your Income Exponentially with Paden Hughes

Paden Hughes

The average fitness professional makes under $50,000 a year- a number extremely low for a profession that can have huge impact

Paden Hughes

President, Gymnazo

The average fitness professional makes under $50,000 a year- a number extremely low for a profession that can have huge impact on the life and health of others. In this episode, we teach you why you’re not “just a trainer”, and how you can drastically increase your income and your influence in a relatively short period of time.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

• How to stop trading time for money

• Determine who your ideal client is and how to best serve them

• Why it’s so important to reinvest in education

What's your unique offering? Who's your ideal client? How do you find them and market to them?

Download this worksheet, and answer the questions to help you target your passion and talents into the right niche.


Here’s the Complete List of Tips:

(13:40) You’re not “just a trainer”

We have an incredible opportunity to enact real chance in people’s lives, but that also means that it’s up to us to shape the reputation of the everyday trainer. It’s up to raise the expectations of what is possible for us, and the standard we hold ourselves to.

(24:25) Tip #1: Protect Your Mindset

You have to figure out how to pay yourself first so that you’re not stressing about money. This protects your mindset, and you’re not operating from a place of lack. Trim down your expenses as lean as you can, and cut yourself a check.

(26:25) Tip #2: Replicate Yourself as a Coach

This is a quick way to stop trading time for money. Train someone else to do what you do so that you can take on more clients and make more money, while trading less time for money. You have to be mindful to find someone with the heart, the passion, and the conviction to do what you do.

(33:40) Tip #3: Invest in third party software.

Try to create some automation around things that are taking too much of your time- especially the things that you don’t like to do. Listen to learn some of Paden’s favorite tools.

(38:40) Tip #4: Create a differentiating unique selling proposition

Why does someone come to you rather than someone else? Download the free worksheet in the show notes to help you determine what this is.

(43:10) Tip #5: Develop your unique method

Once you decide you you want to serve you have to determine how you’re going to serve them and provide them with the most value.

(50:20) Tip #6: Reinvest in your education and your teams

Keep yourself learning and humble! We need more people in the world that don’t feel like they have all the answers.

(56:25) Tip #7: Replace yourself as the business owner/ manager

Most people in the fitness industry got into it to serve people and because of their passion for health and fitness. What can happen as you grow is you may start burning out because you’re so far away from why you got into the industry in the first place.

References in the Episode:

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