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Turn Your Boring Class Descriptions into SuperMagnets!

Updated: 4 hours ago

Welcome to The One Thing, where once a week, I'll send you THE ONE thing you can focus on this week to attract more clients into your studio with a strong brand strategy.

These tips will be simple and actionable, or I might share an illuminating story that shifts your mindset and perspective in a powerful way.


When you exist in such a competitive industry, every way you portray your classes can be the difference between someone being inspired to sign up, or pass you up. That's why something I focus on with my clients is their class descriptions, which should never be just a summary of the exercises and drills that happen in the class.

Often, it's your dream clients' first impression of your classes, and it's important that they tell a story. Specifically, the story of why they're specially programmed and designed to deliver the transformational outcome your brand promises. 

Your class descriptions should do WAY more than inform; they should inspire, motivate, and emotionally connect with your potential clients.

Read on to learn how to transform yours too!


I had a call with a studio owner recently who offers Aerial Yoga and Kettlebell training. Objectively, two class modalities that are more on the obscure end of the spectrum.

The biggest mindset shift I helped them make is the recognition that if they want to attract more clients, they need to realize that their dream clients aren’t the ones looking for an aerial yoga class or kettlebell class—they’re seeking an experience that enhances their lives.

To put it into perspective, the number of people who are interested in a kettlebell workout or aerial yoga class... not nearly as large as the number of people who are interested in what this studio owner knows about how a kettlebell workout and aerial yoga class could improve their everyday life.

What I helped this studio owner recognize is that there are infinitely more people who are looking to feel more free, strong, and confident moving their body...

...which makes kettlebell training the perfect vehicle because of how it strengths you and increases your mobility to the ends of your range of motion...

...and aerial yoga the perfect compliment because of how it can very effectively increase your mobility, but is also a LOT of fun and makes you feel like a kid again.

What we boiled it down to is that if you want to feel youthful and free in your body again, kettlebell training and aerial yoga is what will take you there fastest.

I want you to think about your classes the same way. What outcome are they perfectly designed to take people to? Being able to describe THAT is what inspires people to sign up for them.

The next step is to ensure your class descriptions reflect this. 



This week, make adjustments to your class descriptions. Instead of only describing how they're programmed, follow the steps below:

1. Know Your Audience: Understand your dream clients' aspirations and challenges to tailor your class descriptions effectively.

2. Define Your Delivery: Describe the unique features and benefits of your classes clearly and vividly. WHY are they programmed the way they are, and how is that workout the perfect choice to get to their dream outcome faster?

3. Make an Emotional Connection: Highlight how your classes go beyond physical fitness to enrich mental and emotional well-being.

4. Keep It Clear and Concise: Respect your dream client's time while compelling them to take action.

5. Dive into our step by step guide and discover how to captivate your audience and elevate your studio’s brand with our digital guide, "Engage & Inspire: How To Write Class Descriptions Your Clients Can’t Resist."

Remember, your studio isn’t just about classes—it’s about transforming lives. Let’s ensure your message reflects that.

See you next week with more tips to enhance your studio’s brand strategy!

Rooting for your success,


P.S. If you want to have a chat with me about how to position your brand strategy around the way your classes change lives, rather than the class itself, book a free strategy session with me here.


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