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The LAST thing you want to hear from your clients after class.

Welcome to Off The Mic. Where every week I share behind the scenes lessons, tips and inspiration to help you create exceptional client experiences, rock the room and master your career in fitness.

Unpopular opinion:

"Your class is so hard" is the most Basic Becky compliment you can get. 😬

Yes, your workouts should be challenging because change requires challenge, that's a given. But the purpose of a challenging workout is NOT to crush people. There are no awards being given for “Hardest Workout” in the industry.

When clients say your class is so hard, the subtext often implies that they believe that exercise is meant to be a punishment, all about burning the most calories calories, or that it’s supposed to hurt to work. Like, the workout isn't worth it if you didn't get your ass kicked… Whaaa?

If this is the only feedback you get, you're missing out on creating a meaningful experience and a lifelong love affair with your class.

You know when you're really onto something? When clients don't fixate on how how hard class was and instead start making comments like, "Your playlist was amazing." "I feel so amazing," or "Thank you! That was exactly what I needed today.”

But the BEST compliment (IMO)? "I can’t believe it’s over already!" This means your class was so immersive and engaging that you managed to bend time. Even if you did kick their ass.

So how do you become a master time-bender? You start by learning the science behind what it takes to create immersive, meaningful and addicting class experiences. There are little tricks you can learn, simple tools you can use and levers you can pull that can make a big, big difference in your clients experience which directly impact your business and the success of your career in fitness. It’s not actually magic but it sure as heck does feel like it.

Try this for a Mic Drop Moment:

🪄If you’re the kind of instructor who likes to weave a motivational message into your class experience, wait until the 22 minute mark to deliver it and pair it with a physical challenge.

If you pull all the strings just right, this is about the time during a workout that chemicals are released into the brain that prime your clients to push a little harder and they’ll crave something that makes the challenge more meaningful.

You’ll know you pulled a rabbit out of your hat at just the right time because you will FEEL the energy surge in the room.

Try it out and then tell come find me and tell me about it! Seriously, I want to celebrate your wins and/or help you make some tweaks


On Client Loyalty and Grit:

Angela Duckworth, in her book "Grit," discusses the importance of perseverance and passion for long-term goals. She highlights that challenges should be pursued with a sense of purpose and meaning, not just for the sake of difficulty.

Let me be clear: There is absolutely nothing wrong with offering a really hard workout. But, if you want clients who are gritty and loyalAF your workout experiences need to transcend the uphill sprints, muscle ups, burpees or “the shakes,” (iykyk) and have meaning behind them.


Nobody wants to “suffer through” another hard workout:

Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist, argues that meaning is essential for overcoming life's challenges. He posits that individuals can endure significant hardships if they find a sense of purpose in their struggles.

"In some ways, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice."


It takes a lot of unremarkable effort to make something truly remarkable:


Start Now! Every month we feature a different training video to help you elevate your classes and become a master time bender for FREE!


See you next week!


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