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Attract More Clients This Week!

Updated: 3 hours ago

I've decided to do a new thing, where once a week, I'll send you THE ONE thing you can focus on this week to attract more clients into your studio with a strong brand strategy.

These tips will be simple and actionable, or I might share an illuminating story that shifts your mindset and perspective in a powerful way.


For this week, THE ONE thing I want you to keep in mind is that your dream clients aren't coming to your studio for your classes, so you should stop marketing your classes alone.

Wait... what?

Instead, market why your classes are the perfect vehicle to the dream outcome your clients crave. ​​

If you think about it, it's true! No one ACTUALLY cares about the type of class you offer or what exercises you do in class.

I'll prove it to you. Have you ever heard someone say, "I just LOVE the way Jenny teaches pushups?"

I haven't! 

People come back because of how the class makes them feel. They come back because of how the class impacted the rest of their day, their outlook on life, or how it made them feel about themselves.

Remember this: People may fall in love with a particular type of workout because they find that class to be the most effective or reliable at giving them the feeling they crave.

For example, Shay and I took an indoor cycling class the other day. I was feeling stressed out going in. Shay and I had just spent the day looking at new places to live and a new school for our daughter. The prospect of moving our whole family and transitioning our daughter to a new school was weighing heavy on my mind and heart.

The class we took was packed, and the vibe and energy was amazing. It felt so good to feel the whole room move as one. The music was really good. Those things helped get me into a flow state... which allowed me to push a little harder... which made me feel powerful... and more in control of my life. 

I walked out feeling like I could accomplish anything! And I would go back for that feeling.

EVEN IF someone says they love exercise... it's not the exercise they love but how that exercise makes them feel.



This week, instead of marketing your classes, start talking about how your classes are perfectly designed to help people feel a certain way about themselves.

Classes and exercises are a dime a dozen. But the unique way your classes are designed to help people experience what they ACTUALLY care about the most (experiencing their life better) is what helps establish you as THE ONE perfect solution your dream clients have been looking for.

I'll see you next week.


P.S. If you want to chat with me about how to position your brand strategy around how your classes change lives rather than the class itself, book a free strategy session with me here.


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