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JOIN THE 'Get Your Clients To Fall In Love With Fitness' MASTERCLASS!


When you want to change lives, it helps to have a toolbelt. We teach you the science of creating ultimate experiences based on research into Flow States, neuroscience, and human behavior so you can take your workouts from exercise to life-changing experiences.

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You know you're in the right place if:

You're struggling to get your class numbers up across all time slots.

 You're at a loss at how to get new people in the door.

You notice that some of your instructors knock it out of the park while others struggle with making the magic happen despite the time and effort that they put into class.

You've been through hell and back in the last few years, and there are a lot of external factors to blame, but you know that if you want to thrive in this industry. 

It's time to take charge of what you CAN control.

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Here's the Hard Truth...

You didn't sign up to be a fitness instructor educator. Chances are, you believed that when you started your business, you could simply hire a team of talented instructors, and they would take care of delivering amazing workouts for your clients. That's what their certifications are for, right? WRONG!

It's not enough to have a smart trainer deliver results-driven programming in a room with fancy LED lights. Today's fitness consumer is savvy, they know what they want and they expect MORE. 

Millennials, in particular, want meaningful experiences with a holistic approach to their overall well-being in a community of like-minded people where they can de-stress, make connections, and find a sense of belonging.


Most instructors have zero access or exposure to the skills required to create these kinds of optimal experiences for your clients. And if THEY don't have them, why should YOU? While it's not your job to have that knowledge, it IS your responsibility to provide the resources to help your instructor team bring your brand vision to life.


You may even know this already, in which case you've already tried to communicate this to your instructor team.

Here's the problem: They've already scotch-taped together their own formula for teaching class, and every time you attempt to make changes to improve the workout experience or offer feedback, you are dismantling their life raft. 

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What if you could fix it?

What if you could...

Simply hire someone who has a wealth of experience and expertise, who echoes your own values and desires to come in and take your instructor team the rest of the way as a neutral third party.

You know, like when you tell your significant other a million times that X will solve Y, but they never take your advice. Then they come home after having drinks with Bob, who said X will solve Y, which blew their mind, and you're standing there saying, "Duh!"

Hi. We're Bob.

You Deserve to Have it All.

Sold out classes.

Raving clients.

A thriving community.

And peace of mind that your business is fulfilling it’s purpose.

Are you ready to feel confident in the ability of your instructors to consistently deliver meaningful, unforgettable, and addicting experiences for your clients?

Do you want to create synergy within your team where everyone feels like they're on the same page?

Are you dying to free yourself and finally focus on the parts of your business that are in your zone of genius?

Yoga class indoors



New York

"I just taught the most incredible class. You could feel it. I know that without all your knowledge and training it wouldn't have happened."



"I can finally just completely focus on what it is I'm doing, and who it is I'm truly serving. It's a clear path for me."


New Jersey

"As fit pros, we do what we do from a place of passion - and that can cloud our judgment when it comes to business. You have to invest in yourself."

We help fitness business owners by teaching their instructors the research-backed knowledge and skills to consistently create addicting classes that their clients can't wait to come back to.

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If you're like most fit biz owners, here's why you might be stuck:


You only have one or two rockstar instructors.

You have proof that it's possible for your classes to sell out, but are really struggling to make it happen across all time slots. You have these star players try to pass on their knowledge, and you may even have tried to provide feedback to other team members, but it never seems to stick. You feel like you're trying to get them to understand and capture some mystical thing.


Your instructors' certifications don't teach them how to make magic.

Having trained 1000s of instructors we’ve watched them crumble under the pressure to teach a “perfect class” hit their numbers, which also results in making enough money. Their certification never taught them what's required to create an optimal experience. This is exactly why it's so hard for them to integrate your feedback, and so easy for them to revert back to what they're most comfortable doing.


There's more to an unforgettable experience than a good workout.

We've done the research for you. It turns out that there is a repeatable science to creating those classes that feel like they went by in five minutes, leaving you filled with joy, excitement for life, and make you recognize your inner gifts. We've taken insight from research into neuroscience, flow states, and collective effervescence, and combined it with our knowledge and expertise in fitness class programming to develop the formula for the ultimate fitness experience.

If this sounds like you, we've got you!

Fitness Class

The Group-X Instructor Conservatory™ gives you the confidence that you are having the desired impact on your clients, and are running a more successful business.

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The real reason that your class numbers are inconsistent has nothing to do with competition, the pandemic, recessions, big players like Peloton or Apple Fitness, or inflation. Creating packed classes comes down to your ability to create experiences that release certain chemicals in your clients brains that make them crave more.

When your class numbers are inconsistent, it's most likely due to the fact that your instructors are missing important tools to help them create an unforgettable experience that are not taught in their certification. That's where we come in.


Here's how it works:

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When your persona (a highly focused, intentional, extraordinary version of yourself) is well developed it helps you show up professionally, with recognizable consistency and perform your job with absolute confidence and competence.

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Flow State is where one loses track of time and is fully engaged and immersed despite the perceived challenge or difficulty. CE is that glowy giddy expansive feeling you get when you are in a crowd having a shared experience. When we experience CE it triggers a series of chemical reactions in the brain and the body that activate our reward system, make us feel more cooperative and connected with others. It’s literally the thing that makes your workout experiences addictive, in the very best way.

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This a basic necessity, and requires continuous refinement. Ensuring that you can speak and teach to a multitude of learning styles, & fitness levels AND successfully lead people through the experience in a safe and engaging manner. We also want to make sure we are using language that is not harmful, but rather,  inclusive, appropriate, and relevant for your audience or member base.

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Musicology is mastering the psychology of music. This means understanding song structure, how to use music as an anchor, using what we call power songs, building a journey through music and sound, understanding BPM theory and how it relates to intensity.  These are all KEY to creating an immersive experience that is transformative on both a physical and emotional level.

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The Conservatory is what we use to help instructors gain the confidence and competence to consistently create unforgettable experiences for their clients, and to help business owners see consistently high numbers across classes, a higher retention rate, and more member referrals!

Step One: Apply

Follow the link below to go to the Application page.

Shay Kostabi

Step Two: We'll Review Your Application

Shay will determine whether the GroupX Conservatory would be a good fit for you or your team, and reach out with next steps.

Step Three: Unforgettable Classes

In the Conservatory, you'll gain knowledge and tools that certifications don't provide so you can consistently get your clients into Flow- where they can tap into inner strength, persistence, and joy- you know- the stuff that changes their life outside the room.


Once your instructors are all consistently creating optimal experiences, you'll begin to:

See a reduction in the discrepancy between your instructors' class numbers regardless of the time of day that they teach.

Notice greater synergy amongst your team due to the decreased pressure that comes from having just a few star players run the show.

See your member base become more committed and consistent and begin to bring more of their friends.

And less likely to:

Suffer from burnout due to trying to micro-manage your instructor team.

Wonder if you made the right decision to open a fitness business.

Feel like external factors have such a powerful impact on the success of your business.

Fitness Guide

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