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Join hundreds of other action takers like yourself in our global community of fitness professionals and studio owners who are interested in learning how to build a successful career in fitness.



Need sick music? We’ve created dozens of playlists to help you find the most epic songs for your classes- all sorted by Genre, BPM, Decade, Theme and of course, our monthly favorites!


Getting Started as a Fitness Professional: Develop Your Brand Vision Worksheet

If you choose not to download this worksheet, and learn how to determine your unique offering, who your ideal client is, and how to market to them, it will be like shouting into a hurricane when you enter the fitness industry, because of how much noise there is out there!


What You Need to Know Before Opening a Fitness Studio

We’ve helped dozens of current successful studio owners do it, and each of them will tell you- it was a MUCH harder process than they realized. Get ahead of the game by downloading this resource.


Learn the Art of Coaching and Cueing

What does it take to get people to come back to your classes in a brick and mortar studio nowadays with so much digital competition? It’s the experience of being in a room with other people, feeling the energy of the instructor, and the sound of the music move through your body. But it also takes getting your clients into a flow state- where they feel in the zone and lost in the moment. Learning the Art of Coaching and Cueing is your playbook to refine your skills to accomplish exactly this.

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